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Cyberkongz is 2D-3D avatars collection produced at random and having a social component. These NFTs (which double as profile pictures) are now looking to the metaverse. Let's look at CyberKongz's key characteristics and determine its actual worth in the NFT space.

CyberKongz is an Ethereum-based collection of digital valuables that can be used as avatars or profile images to improve your social experience. These extremely configurable "kongz," which began as a collection of 1,000 NFTs, have attracted a large following of NFT fans.

CyberKongz NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Launch

CyberKongz produced a collection of 1,000 random non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made by the artist Myoo in early March 2021, most valued at .01 ETH. When no one talked about profile picture projects, the 34x34 pixel CyberKongz images gained much traction due to their usefulness as profile pictures on Discord and social media.

Over time, the notion of developing CyberKongz as a community-based initiative became more widely accepted. Some of the best developers and professionals in the NFT and De-Fi field are members of the CyberKongz community. The $BANANA coin quickly allows genesis CyberKongz to earn 10 $BANANA each day for the following ten years.

Owners may give their CyberKongz attributes like a unique name and biography and breed and incubate one of 4,000 randomly produced Baby CyberKongz with varying qualities and rarities by burning a set amount of $BANANA.

With so many people eager to enter the metaverse, CyberKongz realized they had to bring the jungle to life and get the swing going. CyberKongz VX was released just three months after the new Baby CyberKongz introduction. There is a 15,000 model 3D Voxel collection for usage and enjoyment in the forthcoming metaverses.

CyberKongz NFT Collection: Types AND Features

Currently, there are three varieties of CyberKongz:

  1. CyberKongz (Genesis)

There were ten legendary drops among the first 1,000 NFTs to drop into the NFT universe. These NFTs, which may be used as profile pictures and accrue 10 Bananas (the token) per day apiece, are the only Cyberkongz that can generate $Banana daily.

The following are some of their other intriguing features:

  • Change your Kong's tale by paying $BANANA to change his biography.

  • Spend $BANANA to rename your Kong with a unique or amusing moniker.

  • Spend $BANANA to breed two Genesis Kongz to make one Incubator (containing 1 BabyKong Mint and 1 VX Mint).

  • In the CyberKongz Discord server, unlock exclusive channels.

  • 10 $BANANA per day yield

  1. Baby Cyberkongz

NFT inventor Myoo used a sort of cybernetic breeding to give birth to another NFT, thereby developing the Cyberkongz cosmos. These "cute as a button" miniature NFTs, known as Baby Kongz, demand a lot of energy.

The following are some of their other intriguing features:

  • Change your BabyKongz tale by spending $BANANA on a new biography.

  • Spend $BANANA to rename your BabyKong with an unusual or humorous moniker.

  • In the CyberKongz Discord server, unlock unique channels.

  1. Cyberkongz VX

The team designed Cyberkongz VX in order to push Cyberkongz beyond the 2D NFT realm and into the metaverse.

The following are some of their other intriguing features:

  • Other metaverses, such as the Sandbox.

  • By purchasing $BANANA, you may rename a VX Kong.

  • You may use the models to make your artwork or goods.

  • Unlock #verified-lounge, a CyberKongz Discord server private exclusive channel

  • Additionally, owners may use the 3D Kongz model to make their artwork or goods by downloading it.

There are over 5,000 goods with various characteristics advertised on the secondary market. Genesis, Baby, Legendary, and Birthday are among them. All of these characteristics contribute to the NFT's distinctiveness.

CyberKongz NFT Collection: The Traits

Each CyberKongz has varied traits, each with a variable price depending on its rarity. A CyberKongz with the ghost attribute is among the most expensive CyberKongz accessible on OpenSea.

Each CyberKongz generation has its own set of potential characteristics. There are 62 possible traits in the Genesis and Baby generations and ten in the Legendary era.

Various spectacles, mouths, ties, shirts, hairstyles, jewelry, smokes, and bibs are all traits. The Baby Kongz have more youthful and fun characteristics than the original Kongz.

CyberKongz NFT Collection: The Growth and Volume

Current Price and Trade Volume

On OpenSea.io, there are 3.3K (3,456) Cyberkongz NFTs available. Cyberkongz NFT currently has a floor price of 2.49 ETH. The total trade volume is 9.2K ETH, and there are 1.1K owners.

Analysis and Statistics

There are 5,000 assets in the CyberKongz NFT collection, all active right now. With a 7-day average price of 6.384 ETH ($18,643), the collection-to-wallet ownership ratio is around 2.072 to 1. Users have spent 4.04 ETH ($11,791) in the previous 24 hours to possess a piece of the CyberKongz collection, which is lower than the average CyberKongz NFT price of 8.72 ETH ($25,465) since the collection's introduction.

According to the CyberKongz NFT statistics chart, this ETH protocol-based collection has earned 255 sales in the previous 30 days. The NFT had 242 users and $4.2 million in volume, and it was growing, with a 3.06 percent increase in importance in the past 30 days.

Compared to the previous 7-day period, CyberKongz NFT is generally positive in sales. It is presently rated #4 in the General BDG dApp Tracker and the ETH categories. With a 0% rise in users during the same 7-day period, CyberKongz NFT is progressively gaining popularity among users.

These measures will help you determine whether CyberKongz is a high-potential NFT, getting traction and trending and if it's genuinely worth your time and money.

CyberKongz NFT Collection: The Purchase

Investors flocked to CyberKongz NFTs in droves. Those interested in purchasing a Cyberkong NFT can do so on the secondary market, including OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, NFTX, and other sites.

Remember to pay attention to the NFT floor price if you want to stay up to speed on the price of CyberKongz and other collections. You'll find the information you need to go beyond speculation and consider your choice to acquire the next hot non-fungible token.

CyberKongz NFT Collection: The Future

The relationship with The Sandbox is the initial stage in this NFT project's goal to transcend beyond social interactions. The developer community is also in contact with other corporations, so there's a chance we'll see these Kongz in other metaverses as well.

Although, the developers want to focus on expanding the NFTs in The Sandbox for the time being. "In the Sandbox, we're attempting to push the limits of what we can achieve." - Myoo declares.

  • They want to expand the usability of these NFTs by creating bigger avatars and famous, more prominent places in the metaverse.

  • They want to integrate gaming elements that provide value to the community. Therefore Cyberkongz is working on adding additional interaction, minigames, and meaningful involvement.

  • They want to bring more gamified features in the future.

  • They want to offer more gamified locations to serve as social centers and provide NFT users with minigames. It will keep them entertained while also engaging them in a meaningful way.

Because this would need additional land, the developers are now collaborating with businesses to design their landscapes.

CyberKongz NFT Collection: The Crux

CyberKongz may be a new company, but its gorillas/kongs have quickly developed a large following. Furthermore, recent sales numbers and pricing patterns support their position. They also provide incentives for taking part in creative activities.

NFTs are sweeping over the globe by giving producers and artists new economic options. Non-fungible tokens provide several advantages, including the ability to generate new revenue streams and the ability to provide proof of ownership.

However, the most common application of NFTs is in digital artwork for the time being. CyberKongz is another fascinating PFP collection growing in popularity, as seen by its rising floor price due to its scarcity (only 1,000 will ever be in circulation).

This PFP NFT collection also lets users earn passive revenue with $BANANA tokens, which they can sell or spend to rename or change the biography of their Kongz. The token also grants users access to unique advantages on the CyberKongz Discord server, allowing them to join the CyberKongz community and flaunt their Genesis status.

Overall, NFT has a bright future, and as the internet world becomes more anonymous, initiatives like CyberKongz will only grow in popularity, making them even more valuable.




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