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Learn more about Deadbears NFT

Welcome to The Graveyard.

Behind the cemetery gates you will find a thriving community of Deadbears affectionately know as DeadTedz. DeadTedz have one goal: to bring about the Bear Apocalypse.

All this bear abuse is providing dark dividends for our members: prize draws, competitions, and staking have rewarded DeadTedz with more than $2 million. NFT staking is a first-in-class reward system that is currently exclusive to our beloved DeadTedz.

Wanton bear destruction ain't easy! That's why we grew our Treasury from 150 ETH to OVER 800 ETH by investing in the great Floki bull of 2021. This enabled Deadbears to become the first NFT project to return more rewards to members than we raised from mint.

We will continue the Bear hunt in the future by expanding the treasury with more crypto giants. This will allow us to continue to deliver value and rewards to our loyal DeadTedz long into the next Bearmagedon.

Let's get those bears!

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