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Learn more about MyMoonboots MB1 Genesis NFT

MB1 Genesis Benefits:

  1. Exclusive VIP Access – Alpha & Access, your ticket to metaverse & IRL events

  2. $MBC token airdrop – Complimentary community tokens

  3. Community Fund – Private round investment & DeFi Magic voted on by community, Profits distributed through MB1 Staking

  4. Supercharged $MBC staking rewards – According to number of MB1’s held & rarity

  5. Deflationary Model – Fusion will allow for upgrades & a reducing supply

  6. Physical Minting – MB1’s will eventually become a reality on your feet or your avatars’

  7. A blank Canvas – Some MB1’s will provide a blank canvass for you to add your very own custom design

  8. Education – We are building a blockchain education hub to support the growth of all MyMoonBoots members

Be Rewarded. Be MoonBoots

Ecosystem Information - https://medium.com/@MoonBootsCap/be-part-of-a-community-that-rewards-like-no-other-fc2b4f3bac37

MyMoonboots MB1 Genesis
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