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Never Fear Truth NFT Collection

Never Fear Truth is a compilation of Johnny Depp's NFTs. Art has always been a part of the actor’s life and a significant outlet for his creativity, even before acting and music.

While Depp’s acting abilities are undoubtedly the source of his success, the positive response to his music with Hollywood Vampires has inspired and empowered him to share his talent. Johnny has focused on 'Friends and Heroes' in this first public showing of his work.

The artwork consists of people he has known and who have influenced him personally. Each image is a personal expression of their character in Johnny's eyes, depicting how they have exposed themselves.

Johnny painted and animated portraits of friends, heroes, and family to produce unique generative art pieces. He created a creative community of fans and friends through Ethereum blockchain ownership.

Never Fear Truth NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Introduction

Johnny Depp, an American actor, producer, and musician, announced the publication of his first-ever NFT collection.

The "Never Fear Truth" NFT project comprises 11,111 NFTs that Johnny Depp personally developed. 10,000 NFTs were sold to the general public, while Depp kept 1,111 NFTs and distributed them to fans and charities of his choosing.

The inspiration for these NFTs was his friends, family, and heroes paintings. Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Hunter S. Thompson, Heath Ledger, Lily-Rose Depp, Tim Burton, Johnny's late dog Mooh, and the mythical Bunnyman figure developed by his kid are all shown in Depp's artwork.

NFT secondary sales can occur on a secondary non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Depp's idol, Hunter S. Thompson, the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and the Gonzo Trust will get a quarter of the revenues.

The Community

Having a Never Fear Reality NFT gives you access to Johnny's Discord community, a cutting-edge community platform and gathering place for fans and friends to work on creative projects.

The Discord community creates an intimate setting for Johnny to express his creativity and access to one-of-a-kind works, experiences, and future projects in art, music, and cinema. After all of the NFTs were released, only holders are permitted access by linking their wallets.

The Purchase

Johnny Depp's Discord group entered a raffle to win 10,000 NFTs. The lottery ended on February 9th, and the tokens were available for purchase on February 17th.

NFTs are accessible on the secondary market after the raffle sales through the NFT platform Rarible. Sometimes there is a supply shock. This usually happens when the price of NFTs skyrockets due to a combination of limited supply, strong demand, and popular alternative assets, resulting in an enticing valuation.

Superfans of Depp might be able to get one of the 1,111 NFTs he's saving for his team and the people who love him the most.

The Art Distribution

Art was allocated via a lottery system to ensure fairness. They sold the NFTs to interested fans, and there was a limit of three raffles. Notably, each piece of art was assigned at random and displayed following the public bidding.

They contacted the lottery winners and gave instructions on receiving Never Fear Truth NFTs. Raffle winners got the original artwork of Johnny Depp. At the same time, winners had access to Never Fear Truth's official Discord channel and first dibs on future NFT projects and collaborations.

NFT purchases made after May 2022 will be entitled to a tangible copy of the artwork sent to their physical address. However, the team has stressed that NFT owners can only redeem a physical copy of one piece.

Never Fear Truth NFT Collection: The Roadmap

Any Johnny Depp NFTs will give you a cutting-edge community to collaborate on creative projects. After the distribution of the NFTs, The Discord is only accessible to NFT holders.

The artwork, printed on Somerset 410gsm Satin paper with professional acrylic inks, was added. Each NFT number was engraved with Johnny Depp's official art certification. The picture was 500mm X 500mm, and the paper was 600mm X 600mm. These holders will also have preferential access to rare Johnny Depp NFTs.

At the time, there is no clear path for this project. Future activities might include metaverse collaborations, in-person events, and the NFTs' capacity to direct art, music, and film productions. Even in the brand-new NFT environment, Johnny Depp's originality is not a concern.

Never Fear Truth NFT Collection: The Statistics and Floor Price

In the last seven days, Johnny Depp's Never Fear Truth NFTs sold 34 times. The overall sales volume recently for Johnny Depp's Never Fear Truth was $49.03k. One Never Fear Truth by Johnny Depp NFT recently cost an average of $1.4k. Never Fear Truth by Johnny Depp has 2,203 owners and a total supply of 3,850 tokens.

Never Fear Truth NFT Collection: The Future

Given Depp's celebrity, the excellent quality of his artwork, and the way the market works, sales in the millions of dollars are possible. Still, the 10,000 paintings that have been made publicly available are more likely to generate a continuous stream of sales in the four-figure range.

The value of these works of art will undoubtedly rise with each new round of sales, as people rush to buy them before they sell out entirely. Never Fear Truth NFTs have a bright future.

Never Fear Truth NFT Collection: The Crux

The NFT movement is reaching its pinnacle at the time. Many celebrities and representatives of the fashion business are pitching in to help their followers. Johnny Depp is most known for his acting, but he has a long history as a musician, dropping out of school to pursue his passion. The musician's recent NFT debut demonstrates that he is a multi-talented artist with a broad range of possibilities.

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