Alien CryptoPunk Sells for $16 Million & Other Big NFT Sales

Credit: Yuga Labs

Are we back? That’s the question degens and NFT traders are wondering right now. And after a string of big NFT sales, many on Crypto X are answering it with a resounding yes.

Earlier today, a rare Alien CryptoPunk NFT sold for $16 million. CryptoPunk #3100 is one of only nine Alien Punks. It is in the top 1% for rarity and ranked 16th overall among the 10,000-piece NFT collection.

The huge sale comes on the heels of another noteworthy sale in the space. Last week, veteran NFT collector OldSchoolCollection sold 10 Autoglyphs NFTs for $14.5 million. The sale was facilitated by, a brokerage focused on rare digital art.

The 10 Autogylph were purchased in February 2021 for around $1.4 million. The latest sale for 5,000 ETH was one of the largest transactions to take place on-chain, and earned OldSchoolCollectior around $13 million in profit.

Autoglyphs were created by Larva Lab’s John Watkinson and Matt Hall in 2019, only two years after the duo released CryptoPunks. It was one of the first generative art NFT collections created on Ethereum. It consists of only 512 unique NFTs that were originally sold for 0.2 ETH (around $35). The collection is unique because all of the data for the NFTs is stored on-chain on Ethereum.

CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs are OG NFT collections that have earned a place in NFT culture. As a result, high price tags for these NFTs are not entirely novel. But there’s also a new NFT collection on Bitcoin that’s been making noise in the space.

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin NFTs been soaring and NodeMonkes, a 10,000 piece NFT collection of pixelated monkeys, is leading the way. This morning, a ‘monke’ NFT became the first from the collection to sell for $1 million.

The collection, which launched in December 2023, has already done over $11.5 million in total sales, as per data from CryptoSlam. The floor price was 0.81 BTC at the time of writing or around $54,000 with the current price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin NFTs Are Gaining Momentum

As the price of Bitcoin rises, it appears that Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs are also rising in popularity. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several stories about Ordinals since it first launched in January 2023. Here are some of the headlines:

Some speculate Bitcoin is destined to hit all-time highs in the months, weeks, or days ahead. If the past is any indication, when crypto soars, NFTs tend to go along for the ride. Of course, crypto and NFTs are volatile and only time will tell how things play out. But with the latest sales, NFT fans have reason to be optimistic.

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