Amazon Managed Blockchain Access Adds Polygon for Devs

Amazon has expressed bullishness about Web3 for some time, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that it is continuing to make moves in the space. But its latest initiative is likely to cause some excitement, especially for fans of a certain L2 Ethereum sidechain.

Two days ago, Polygon announced via blog post that Amazon Managed Blockchain Access (AMB Access) has added support for the lightning-quick, low transaction cost sidechain. The move will allow developers who use AMB to build Web3 applications on Polygon in a “reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient” way.

The addition will have a few benefits for developers, including faster time to market, automatic scaling, cost-efficient management, and production-grade applications (which will rely on Amazon Web Services’ high-bar for dependability). Some of the examples Polygon shares about who can benefit from using this ecosystem are:

  • Financial services institutions that want to power their own digital asset offerings
  • Developers looking to create Web3 games that use non-fungible tokens
  • Consumer brands that can use NFTs as part of loyalty programs

Some of the companies already building on Polygon through AMB Access include Magic, a wallet-as-a-service provider, Mystic Moose, a gaming company, and RecoChoku, a business in the music streaming industry.

Polygon is AMB Access’s third public blockchain, with the other two being Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Amazon program also offers access to a private blockchain called Hyperledger Fabric.

The AMB Access program contains many perks, including standardized APIs, the choice of private blockchain networks, and the possibility of access through public blockchain nodes. It is useful for the creations of applications, token-gated experiences, and building digital asset wallets.

Enter the MoonRealm Express Accelerator

While a partnership between Amazon and Polygon is big news, this isn’t the first time the pair have collaborated — even this month. The two have teamed up with gaming giant Animoca Brands to launch a special program called the MoonRealm Express Accelerator to benefit Web3 builders, who will develop projects through Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse.

The goal of MoonRealm is to advance development in areas like decentralized identity, SocialFi, and GameFi, as well as encourage builders to “develop new ideas and solutions on Mocaverse.” There will be certain hackathon tracks as well, such as in the areas of Web3 Identity, Social, and Growth, with a focus on loyalty programs.

Animoca Brands is familiar with Polygon, having used its blockchain to launch the Moca ID and Realm Points parts of the Mocaverse. Amazon will play a role in the collaboration by providing funding, specifically $1.1 million to 500 eligible startups in the initial cohort. It is another move by the e-commerce giant in Web3, one that signals its bullishness about the space.

With the two big news stories from Polygon and Amazon this month, it will be interesting to see what future endeavors the two might try. Certainly, Rarity Sniper will be on the lookout for any other stories involving the two major companies and report back if needed.

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