Beeple Opens 50,000 Square Foot NFT Studio in Charleston

Credit: Design Matters

Mike Winkelmann, better known as the non-fungible token artist Beeple, held the grand opening for his 50,000 square foot studio this past Saturday. The date, March 11th, marked the second anniversary of his sale of Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, an NFT that sold for $69.3 million at Christie’s auction house.

In attendance were a plethora of the top cryptocurrency artists, including Fvckrender, XCopy, Murat Pak, Victor Duarte, and Refik Anadol. The opening featured displays of crypto art and a live demonstration of Winkelmann creating an actual Everyday. The artist is known for his methodical work ethic, creating at least one piece every day.

The 50,000 square foot studio contains a 13,000 square foot gallery, which will house works from the most cutting-edge artists in the crypto space. There will also be a 13,000 square foot “experimentation area” to stimulate the creativity of Winklemann himself and visiting artists. Winklemann posted a Tweet to commemorate the event:

The reception to the event was positive, with some attendees using it as an opportunity to connect with individuals they had only interacted with on Twitter. Others took to the social media platform to celebrate Winklemann’s commitment to the space, saying while others had fled the industry after the market crashed, Beeple was here to build with the community.

Crypto Art Makes News This Year

Many say that artists are the lifeblood of the NFT space, and the news has born that out this year. At Rarity Sniper, we have covered many stories involving digital art and the artists that create the pieces. Here are three such stories.

First, two weeks ago, Mizuno, one of Japan’s leading sportswear brands, launched its first NFT collection on OpenSea. The NFT set will feature digital art that ties into IRL footwear, a blending of the physical and virtual realms.

Next, one month ago, NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, which e-commerce giant eBay owns, announced plans to launch a smart contract for artists. Now, digital art creators will be able to use smart contracts to collaborate on projects and split royalties.

Lastly, two months ago, the Orlando Museum of Art opened an exhibition that featured up-and-coming NFT artists. Called “Twentysomethings: Works and NFTs from the Fabio Sandoval Collection,” the exhibition will run through the 7th of May.

Mike Winklemann’s studio opening is big news for the NFT space and shows that more people are trying to display their NFTs in physical, real-world settings. If it is a success, it is possible more crypto artists will open public studios, which would galvanize the community.