Bud Light to Use NounsDAO NFT Glasses in Super Bowl Commercial

Credit: Getty / NounsDAO

In a move that will likely spark further interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Anheuser Busch’s Bud Light will use the famed @NounsDAO glasses in a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl.

Bud Light officially announced the partnership and use of the glasses in a tweet on Monday, along with a complete reproduction of the commercial:

The commercial, titled “Zero in the Way of Possibility,” features several scenes that are transformed, with the protagonists in the scenes going from lackluster to inspired. The Nouns NFT glasses appear towards the end, as a protagonist stares at paintings in a museum. The glasses appear over the face of one figure in an image, creating a thread between the transition of traditional art and NFTs.

Bud Light and NounsDAO Strike Agreement for NFT Use

Bud Light took the glasses directly from a Nouns NFT, an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain created by SuperGremplin. In January, the NounsDAO purchased the Noun in question for 127 ETH (about $394,000) before gifting it to the beverage company with a few stipulations.

One of those stipulations is that Bud Light would produce beers with the Nouns glasses on the label and give them to Nouns NFT holders at certain Bud Light events. One leader of the DAO says Bud Light’s ownership of the Nouns NFT makes this more than a traditional marketing alliance and that the company is testing the waters of Web 3.0 in a big way.

Bud Light, in truth, never needed the actual NFT to feature the glasses in its commercial, to begin with. Nouns NFT is a Creative Commons product, and according to legal language, the holders and owners hold no rights over the intellectual property of the art.

NounsDAO not Bud Light’s First Move in the NFT Space

This Bud Light Super Bowl commercial is not the company’s or its parent company’s first move in the NFT space. In late January, Bud Light released a collection that featured 12,722 tokens highlighting the new Bud Light NEXT. The company said that the move paired an innovative beer with NFTs, one of the most innovative fields to operate within.

The Anheuser Busch company profile also suggests it is Web 3.0 savvy. Budweiser’s Twitter account, part of a wide net of Anheuser Busch Twitter accounts, changed its profile picture to a Tom Sachs rocket in 2021. It also used the handle “beer.eth,” a reference to the popular ENS domains that function as shorthand for long and unwieldy Ethereum addresses.