Byredo and RTFKT Are Developing NFT Perfumes

Credit: Byredo

RTFKT is moving from sneakers to scents. 

Nike-owned RTFKT Studios recently tweeted an NFT partnership with the Swedish fragrance company Byredo. According to the latest details, these two brands are working on “perfume of the future in Web3.” 

RTFKT’s 21-second ad only features the names of the two brands underneath a puddle of clear liquid. The provided link to “” brings visitors to a page with the same pool of perfume plus links to RTFKT’s socials. 

In a new Vogue Business article, RTFKT suggested its new “Web3 perfume” will use a combination of NFT and “near-field communication” (NFC) technology to bring scents from the metaverse into real life. Apparently, when customers design an NFT fragrance, it will link with NFC codes to copy the selected ingredients in a literal product.

Besides connecting with IRL perfumes, Byredo and RTFKT are creating virtual representations of distinct scents. Recent reports suggest the art studio M/M is working with RTFKT and Byredo on 26 “ingredients,” each related to a unique “emotion.”

It also appears anyone with one of RTFKT’s Clone-X NFTs may get a “scent” (aka “Clone Aura”) airdropped in their wallet. 

RTFKT’s co-founder Benoit Pagotto compared creating these new “NFT perfumes” to making “potions in video games.” Pagotto also said its NFT perfume creator is one of his “favorite” upcoming projects, and that Byredo is the “perfect partner.” 

At this point, RTFKT only says it will release more details on its NFT perfumes “soon.” However, the Vogue Business report suggests more info will drop in July. 

RTFKT Continues to Experiment in Web3

Aside from Yuga Labs, RTFKT Studios is arguably the largest company in the NFT space. Of course, this brand’s partnership with Nike played a significant role in cementing its big-cap status. However, RTFKT has built its reputation on producing some of the most innovative PFP and wearable NFTs.

For instance, Nike and RTFKT dropped the highly successful “CryptoKicks” sneaker NFTs earlier this year. Based on Nike Dunks, these “CryptoKicks” can evolve, breed, and change their style depending on what “Skin Vial” NFTs holders use. 

RTFKT’s Clone X series has also become one of the most desirable PFP NFT collections. To add extra immersion to its Clone X ecosystem, RTFKT recently revealed an augmented reality experience in New York and LA museums. 

Given RTFKT’s successful track record in various Web3 projects, its “Web3 scent” is sure to be special.