Chen Man Debuts First Grimes Inspired NFT Set

Credit: Chen Man

Chen Man, the famous Chinese photographer whose work has been featured on the covers of Vogue and ELLE, launched her first NFT set today. Called “Silent Noise: Episode 01,” the non-fungible token explores themes of artificial intelligence and its role in the creation process.

The NFT debuted on LiveArt, a decentralized platform for physical and digital art, at 3PM UTC. It reimagines a photoshoot of Grimes, in which the artist and DJ is leaping in a striking pose, holding a gold sword, and framed by hues of bright pink.

The photo of Grimes that serves as inspiration for the NFT has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including at the National Museum of China in Beijing. Experts widely celebrate it as a unique composition that captured a key moment in pop culture.

There are 500 editions of the NFT, with each priced at $100 apiece. The collection sold out in less than one minute and is now available for trading on OpenSea.

“This is one of the most innovative, complete, and well-thought-out projects we’ve seen – plus it has rockets, AI, and the Musks, who are tech royalty,” Boris Pevzner, LiveArt CEO, told Rarity Sniper. “The buzz is off the charts; I think grabbing one will be pretty tough.”

Holders will be eligible for a host of benefits, including $ART token rewards, the chance to attend a Chen Man photoshoot, and additional Silent Noise NFT airdrops. In addition, there is a burn mechanism in place. Holders can burn 10 NFTs to get a 1:1 Zoom call with Man and five NFTs to get a special NFT.

‘Silent Noise: 01’ Just the Beginning

Chen Man has consistently captured the world’s attention with emotion-evoking fashion photography that blends themes of the East and West. And she appears to be bringing that creativity to her NFT set, as shown in the roadmap for the collection:

  • Silent Noise, Episode 2: Introducing the burn mechanism to allow holders to gain additional rewards, including special non-fungible tokens
  • Episode 3: The team will launch more unique NFTs and include interactive mechanisms that give participants a chance to gain access to Memory Brick
  • Episode 4: The final part of the NFT drop that comes with the tagline, “Will AI save us?” Collectors who hold NFTs from all four episodes will automatically gain access to Memory Brick, an event that will include a live audio interview with Man and be used in a museum installation

A common theme that will run throughout the NFT series is artificial intelligence, though there is no word yet in whether Man will use the technology to create the artwork. Rarity Sniper will pay close attention to the drops and report back if needed.

In case you missed it: