Co-Museum & Azuki Reveal ‘Golden Skateboard’ Signed by Tony Hawk

Credit: Co-Museum

Co-Museum, a Web3 platform backed by Animoca Ventures that’s dedicated to democratizing art ownership, has teamed up with Azuki to a release a set of collectibles including a 24k gold-plated skateboard signed by the legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk.

“Artifact 001: The Golden Skateboard” collection makes use of the Physical Backed Token (PBT) standard, which merges the physical and digital realms via non-fungible token technology. Zagabond, Azuki’s founder, said that the new project is pioneering a “technological innovation,” and that he was excited to see The Golden Skateboard “as the first asset-backed collectible for Co-Museum’s launch.”

Besides the rare skateboard, special items created by world-renowned designer YOON of AMBUSH will also be available, as well as an art poster from the Japanese artist Yuka. At launch, fans and collectors will be able to purchase an NFT and receive physical collectibles with NFC chips, including apparel, art prints, golden skateboard pendants, and skateboard decks.

Co-Museum’s goal is to make art ownership more democratic via Web3 and NFT technology. By merging art collecting with NFTs and the blockchain, people can co-own rare artifacts and artworks that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

According to Chaw Wei Yang, the founder of Co-Museum, the “experience of art ownership has been limited to a privileged few” for far too long. The company aims to fix this problem by “offering a co-collecting experience backed by tangible physical value” that can be verified through blockchain tech.

The launch of the Golden Skateboard and is expected later this month, though no specific date has been announced.

Azuki Continues to Build Its Brand in Web3

NFTs have had a rough go of it lately, with many top collections seeing their floor prices dropping and remaining low. But despite setbacks, Azuki — a 10,000 piece anime-themed PFP collection from Chiru Labs that launched in January 2022 — has continued to build in the space. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several articles about Azuki recently. Here are the top three stories.

First, about a month ago, Azuki and the AnimeCoin Foundation launched a new Web3 game called “Gacha Grab,” as well as the first episode of an anime film named ‘Enter the Garden.’ The announcement of the new initiatives led to a surge in Azuki NFT sales, helping Azuki become the 8th largest NFT collection in the market by sales volume.

Next, about a year ago, Chiro Labs launched a new NFT collection called “Elementals,” consisting of 20,000 unique NFTs on Ethereum. The NFTs, which feature artwork from digital artists Skycrow, Tenn, Timugi, and Njoo, were airdropped to 10,000 existing Azuki holders.

Finally, around the same time, Azuki announced the Azuki Hilumia metaverse, a virtual world for holders of Azuki NFTs. The metaverse includes an arcade, fitness center, toy store, and an art hub that aims to promote “dope art only.”

Azuki might not be a household name in the same way as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, but the collection from the LA-based studio Chiru Labs is certainly one of the important NFT communities around. Its latest collaboration with Co-Museum, Tony Hawk, and other artists should help it continue to build its brand.