‘corpo | real’ by Claire Silver Sells Out in Seconds, Nets 500 ETH

‘corpo | real,’ a new NFT collection created by AI artist Claire Silver, sold out in seconds this past Wednesday, netting 500 ETH ($1.2 million at the time of this writing). The floor price has bounced around since then. Currently, it is around the mint price of 1 ETH ($2,305).

Silver made a post on X sharing the emotions she has experienced since the launch and sell-out, saying, ultimately, “Thank you. Wgmi.”

‘corpo | real’ is a year-long project that Silver herself said was done with a great deal of rigor. It explores the concept of having ‘form’ in the age of artificial intelligence, and how do we interpret “corporeal” (having a body) in a digital realm.

The images in ‘corpo | real’ show female figures clad in intricate or vibrant dresses, embodying the AI fashion motif. The titles for the NFTs are engaging, with one, for instance, being “#FFFFFF” and showing a pale young woman wearing a white dress, posed against a background of a similar color.

The drop occurred in partnership with BrainDrops, a platform for AI-generated art that has debuted projects from Daniel Greenwood, ClownVamp, and Ira Greenberg, among others. The platform and Silver have partnered before, including for her “Genesis” drop, which launched in April of 2022.

Diving Deeper into ‘corpo | real’

Yesterday, a day after the collection sold out, Silver took to X to explain a little more about ‘corpo | real,’ including the art themes that inspired it.

First, she talked about her previous two collections: ‘Genesis’ and ‘AI Art Is Not Art,’ which explored the past, present, and future, and the cultural dismissal of the new respectively. Then she said ‘corpo | real’ combines the themes from those two projects, conceptually and aesthetically.

Some have taken to X, saying that ‘corpo | real’ is Silver’s best collection to date, a high achievement for someone who was widely considered one of the best AI artists already. And many influencers or OGs have complemented her on her success.

Her two other collections, Genesis and AI Art Is Not Art, have 6 ETH ($13,800) and 1.4 ETH ($3,200) floor prices respectively. Time will tell where ‘corpo | real’ ends up, but there’s no doubt the artist’s work is evocative and thought-provoking.

Who Is Claire Silver?

Claire Silver is enigmatic. She has remained anonymous, with the name likely a pseudonym, and only recently joined the crypto space, saying on her X profile that she started her AI art journey in 2018.

The little we do know comes from her website and her collections, the motifs she chooses to use in her art and themes that she explores.

She mentions, for instance, that is a millennial who grew up in an analog world that became increasingly digital. Her artistic process mirrors this evolution, as she goes back and forth between “analog” and “digital.”

Her work often explores culture and history, as seen in her three NFT collections. In her own words, she blends classical style and mythos into her art, creating works that appear both strange and familiar, a unique result.

There’s no doubt she’s already made an impact on the Web3 art space. After this ‘corpo | real’ drop, it’ll be interesting to see what she cooks up next.

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