Denim Brand Diesel Drops D:VERSE NFTs

Credit: Diesel

On March 12th, Italian clothing company Diesel put its “D:VERSE” NFTs for sale on Rarible’s marketplace. Each of these four fashionable NFTs includes metaverse or real-life perks. 

The D:VERSE-KEY NFT is the most common NFT in Diesel’s “D:VERSE Project.” Anyone who purchases this leather “D” logo will enjoy priority privileges at future D:VERSE NFT drops and entry into the virtual D:VERSE Family. 

The next NFT in Diesel’s portfolio is the D:PROTOTYPE-CR sneaker NFT. In addition to white list perks, people with this NFT will get a real PROTOTYPE CR sneaker. NFT holders could also keep their in-game avatars in style with virtual PROTOTYPE CR sneakers.

Diesel’s third D:VERSE NFT is called the “D:PUFFER.” Like the D:PROTOTYPE-CR, people with a D:PUFFER NFT will get Diesel’s exclusive puffer jacket in the mail and in the metaverse. As an extra perk, the D:PUFFER NFT will double as a ticket to Diesel’s next fashion show. 

Lastly, Diesel’s most exclusive NFT is the D:FUR, which features a swirling light-colored fur coat. Whoever wins the auction for this one-of-one NFT will get a physical fur coat, a digital fur coat, and VIP access to Diesel’s next fashion show. Bidding on the D:FUR jacket will close on March 17th. 

To make it easier for new NFT buyers, Diesel says it will accept credit cards through Coinbase. However, customers can also buy a D:VERSE NFT with crypto. 

Luxury Brands Bring High Fashion to the Metaverse  

Diesel is far from the only luxury manufacturer interested in NFTs and the metaverse. For instance, the competing Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana had an impressive first NFT auction. Called “Collezione Genesi,” these nine NFTs sold for 1,885 ETH (or just under $6 million). 

Dolce & Gabbana is now working with the UNXD market to bring its latest NFTs to the Polygon blockchain. Fans of Decentraland may have heard that UNXD will host the game’s first “Metaverse Fashion Week” on March 24th. 

Gucci is yet another high-end Italian brand in the NFT space. Most recently, Gucci announced a collaboration with the animators at SUPERPLASTIC to create a set of SUPERGUCCI NFTs. Christie’s also auctioned a “Gucci Aria” NFT for $25,000 in the summer of 2021. 

And it’s not just NFTs that prominent fashion houses are getting involved with. As Forbes recently reported, many luxury brands are interested in metaverse gaming. For example, Louis Vuitton created “Louis: The Game” in 2021 to honor the French designer’s 200th birthday. 

The London-based Burberry made news when it partnered with video game maker Mythical Games. The British fashion brand dropped an exclusive Burberry Blanko NFT (aka “Sharky B”) on the multiplayer game “Blankos Block Party.”

Other well-known clothing companies getting into NFTs include Gap, Victoria’s Secret, and Prada.