Hello Kitty Enters Open Metaverse MetaGaia with Web3 Prizes

Credit: Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty, a brand owned by Japanese entertainment company Sanrio, is entering the metaverse. The initiative comes through a partnership with MetaGaia, which bills itself as an AI-powered open metaverse that allows users to ‘experience-to-earn’ and participate in events, challenges, and games.

In MetaGaia, Hello Kitty will launch the ‘Hello Kitty Seven Wonders’ digital destination, which will feature the brand’s digital items and activities, and allow fans to build their own community around the brand. Users will be able to shop for items and purchase them in the metaverse itself, as well as explore the Hello Kitty universe.

The Hello Kitty portion of MetaGaia will revolve around the Wonder Pass, a non-fungible token that grants access to special parts Hello Kitty Seven Wonders. There are 70 Wonder Passes available, with each costing HK $400, or around $51 USD. In addition to access to special parts of Seven Wonders, users will receive a ‘starchip bonus’ and daily check-in bonuses.

Users who purchase four Wonder Passes will be granted the title of ‘Wonderlord’ and given a custom part of Hello Kitty Seven Wonders to build on and decorate.

Gordon Kwok, CEO of Advokate, the parent company of MetaGaia, said in a statement that the company is thrilled to partner with Sanrio Hong Kong to bring Hello Kitty into the MetaGaia metaverse. According to Kwok, the addition of Hello Kitty will enhance the MetaGaia experience, which includes exploration and socialization.

Gordon Kwok Speaks with Rarity Sniper

Hello Kitty entering the metaverse is big news, so Rarity Sniper sent some questions over to Advokate to get the full scoop on this venture. Gordon Kwok, CEO of that company responded. Here are the questions and answers.

1. What do you hope this partnership will bring to the Web3 space?

We hope this partnership will bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the Web3 space, combining the beloved characters of Hello Kitty with the immersive experience of MetaGaia’s AI-enhanced metaverse.

Every destination in the Hello Kitty Seven Wonders was created with purpose, leveraging the whimsical brand of Hello Kitty and providing interesting experiences to users of MetaGaia. Together, we aim to offer fans a unique way to interact with their favorite Hello Kitty characters and build their own virtual communities.

2. What sort of features can we expect from the Hello Kitty activation?

The Hello Kitty activation in MetaGaia will feature a range of engaging features, including exclusive Hello Kitty-themed digital assets, integration with AI-powered Hello Kitty, augmented reality games, social interactions with other fans, brand shopping opportunities, and the ability to purchase digital assets.

The Wonder Passes, in particular, are limited-edition digital assets that unlock features and functionality in the various areas of Hello Kitty Seven Wonders. It’s a comprehensive and interactive experience that will redefine how fans engage with Hello Kitty and Friends in the metaverse.

3. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We’re excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings, and we believe it will be a game-changer in the metaverse space. Hello Kitty Seven Wonders in MetaGaia provides an incredible opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the Hello Kitty universe like never before. We look forward to seeing the Hello Kitty community grow and thrive within our AI-enhanced metaverse.

The Metaverse a Popular Destination for Brands

While the metaverse is still a relatively new concept, it has proven to be a popular destination with brands over the past year. Setting up shop in the metaverse has become the ‘go-to’ move for many Web2 companies, including ones you might not expect. Here are three stories involving the metaverse just from the past two weeks.

First, last week, Bank of America (BoA) revealed that it is using the metaverse and artificial intelligence to train employees. Through the nascent technologies, employees can run through scenarios such as dealing with customer complaints and responding to security threats. The virtual scenarios, according to one BoA executive, ‘get your heart rate up’ like real-life situations.

Next, two weeks ago, Weebox, a newly founded digital collectibles brand, shared plans for a new anime-themed metaverse experience called San FranTokyo. The metaverse will be a place where subcultures can thrive. Weebox is billing it as Silicon Valley meets everything that’s ‘dope straight out of Japan.’

Lastly, also two weeks ago, India’s Punjab National Bank (PNB) opened a virtual branch called the PNB Metaverse. Customers can perform a wide variety of virtual tasks in the metaverse, such as making bank deposits, buying digital products, and ‘Do It Yourself’ options. Kiya.ai, from Infrasoft Technology, powers the metaverse.

As these articles (and today’s Hello Kitty news) show, the metaverse is still a popular destination for companies, even if the hype has died down a bit. Rarity Sniper will follow up with the Hello Kitty metaverse and report back if needed.