Hytech Holds Record-Breaking Metaverse Party in DCL

Credit: iStock

Hytech, a global management consultancy firm, held a special party for employees over the holidays: a Christmas bash that broke the record for most Decentraland users in an hour. The event took place as the organization was looking to unite its employees before year’s end. Because its employees are scattered all around the world, Hytech chose the metaverse for its celebration.

According to a statement from the organization, 980 employees attended the event. The employees also had the option of receiving non-fungible tokens as Decentraland wearables. All told, the workers redeemed 3,910 units of NFTs. The “Dinner & Dance” Hytech event was one of the most popular events that day in Decentraland, according to the press release.

Sara Zhang, the Head of Global HR at Hytech, designed the event. She included videos, games, and a “lucky draw,” as well as masked the event as a typical Christmas party. She said that the event was important to providing employees with the feeling of a “common purpose,” something that is difficult to do given that employees work from all over the world.

Many metaverse enthusiasts would agree with her logic. The technology initially became popular during the coronavirus pandemic when governments forced people to remain indoors and travel was impossible. Now, many groups plan reunions, conferences, and even parties in these virtual worlds, seeing them as a safer alternative to IRL meet-ups.

Although 980 new users in an hour pales in comparison to some other metaverses’ user activity, it shows Decentraland may be making a comeback. Its recent Metaverse Music Festival, which took place in November, brought in thousands of users over the four-day event.

Decentraland Makes News in 2022

Although Decentraland, like much of Web3, has suffered during this bear market, it frequently makes news for its partnerships. In 2022, we wrote countless stories about this metaverse, which only The Sandbox rivals in terms of decentralized virtual worlds. Here are three.

First, in late December, Decentraland introduced a new feature called Worlds, which is currently available in beta mode. The organization wants to use the feature to lower the barrier for Decentraland users to become creators.

Next, two months, popular TV show The Voice announced it was entering Decentraland. It did so through the Metaverse Music Festival and gave festival goers the opportunity to take part in blind “auditions” that involved collecting musical notes.

Lastly, also two months ago, the country of Norway shared that it was opening a tax office in the Decentraland metaverse. At the time, it said it was doing so to offer tax services to technology-native youth and those involved with NFTs and decentralized finance.

Hytech’s metaverse event is big news, if for no other reason than it broke a Decentraland record. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for further developments in the story.