Lacoste to Engage Its Community with Dynamic NFT Contest

The Alpha

  • Lacoste is launching a new Web3 initiative to empower its digital community and pioneer a new era of brand building
  • Holders of the Lacoste Genesis Pass will see their NFT evolve into an ‘UNDW3 Card,’ a dynamic non-fungible token that changes appearance based on rarity
  • The new initiative will explore a co-creation process with UNDW3 card holders and involve chapters full of lore, quests, a real-time leaderboard, and IRL prizes

Lacoste’s New Web3 Venture: The UNDW3 Card

Today, Lacoste is embarking upon a new era of its Web3 outreach. Called “The Mission,” the new program is set to challenge previously held notions of the intersection between NFTs, brand building, and loyalty programs. Its desire is simple: To build with the community and create an imprint in this nascent technology space.

The Mission is a multi-chaptered, interactive contest that invites users to complete quests that include quizzes, votes, riddles, snapshots, games, graphics creations, and more. It runs from today until December 2023, wherein Season 1 will end and the top 200 participants will receive prizes, including a trip for two to Paris for the top competitor.

Lacoste’s The Mission is centered around a dynamic NFT called the “UNDW3 Card.” Rather than the traditional static NFT, a holder’s UNDW3 Card will change appearance based on their position on the real-time leaderboard. The higher the ranking, the higher the rarity score of the NFT will be, adding value to the token.

Holders of the Lacoste Genesis Pass will see their NFT evolve into an UNDW3 card, which itself will evolve soon to become more dynamic. The new NFT will empower “a community-centric experience, crafted to shape the future of Lacoste and redefine the intersection of fashion and sport,” according to a press release shared with Rarity Sniper.

Already interested? Check out the UNDW3 website for more information.

Lacoste ‘The Mission’ Key Dates and Prizes

June 29 marks a key date for The Mission: Users will have access to a personal dashboard where they can validate quests, and see how they rank against others. Also present will be a public leaderboard that updates in-real time. Here are some other key dates for The Mission:

  • From today until July 20: Holders can play Chapters 0 and 1 in the contest
  • July: Path to the dynamic NFT, involving a burn event
  • January 1, 2024: The start of Season 2

Before the start of Season 2, Lacoste will select the top 200 participants in Season 1 to receive prizes. Those prizes are:

  • 10-200: A voucher to be used in Lacoste digital stores
  • 1-10: A personal worldwide shopping experience
  • Top 3: Be a part of a Lacoste UNDW3 campaign
  • Top 2: Design/receive a personal Lacoste piece
  • Winner: A trip for two to Paris for a unique French crocodile experience

In addition to completing quests, holders will be rewarded for daily Discord activity or engaging with Lacoste in other brand-building events like co-create initiatives, gaming experiences, and sharing conversations about the brand itself.

There will also be weekly raffles where participants can win merchandise, UNDW3 NFTs, and points. Users will need to have a Discord account linked to their NFT in order to participate.

The more a participant engages with the brand, the more future decision-making power they will have in its direction.

Philosophy Behind ‘The Mission’

Lacoste’s strategy for The Mission reflects the company’s belief that brand loyalty in the future will go beyond transactional interactions. Instead, it will focus on a broader spectrum of engagement, including creativity, conversations, and gaming.

As such, it seems less intent on creating a standalone NFT collection. Instead, it’s focused on building a more interactive experience with the community, one that is based on co-construction with holders.

Catherine Spindler, Deputy CEO of Lacoste, said in a statement shared with Rarity Sniper that pioneering the concept of a dynamic NFT within the company’s industry is a testament to its bold vision.

“We see blockchain as an accelerator, ushering in a more inclusive and experiential digital realm,” she added. “By rewarding creators and fostering horizontal relationships with our customers, we invite them into our creative process.”

For Lacoste fans, it’s a chance to build with the brand. For NFT enthusiasts, the contest may provide some much-needed fun and levity. Rarity Sniper will keep an eye on the initiative and report back with any future developments. But there’s little doubt that it is an innovative approach to NFTs among mainstream companies.

To learn more about The Mission, check out Lacoste’s dedicated social media channels: