Lamborghini to Release Rare Space-Themed NFTs

Credit: Koshi Group

Lamborghini is literally bringing outer space to the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The Luxury brand Italian car company recently announced it will be releasing an NFT collection that is comprised of five exclusive digital artworks that can be unlocked with special “Space Keys.”

Here’s what we know about Lamborghini’s NFT collection:

  • It consists of five space-themed digital artworks that were created by an undisclosed artist.
  • Owning the five special “Space Keys” unlocks the collection.
  • The “Space Keys” are actual physical keys that were created from samples of carbon fiber that Lamborghini sent to the International Space Station in 2019.
  • The collection was created in cooperation with NFT PRO.

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, gave the following statement about the project:

“Innovation is a deeply rooted part of the Lamborghini DNA. As a leading company for carbon fiber composite materials within the automotive sector we pushed boundaries two and a half years ago with the joint research project in space. Now entering the metaverse is again proof of Lamborghini always setting sail for new horizons. The NFT world has been calling to us, and we are excited about engaging with this very passionate and innovative community.”

This is not Lamborghini’s first foray into the NFT space. In 2020, they collaborated with BITSTAMPS for a series of digital postage stamps. They also use blockchain technology to verify authenticity with vintage automobiles.

With this move, Lamborghini joins a long list of major brands and companies looking for a piece of the NFT action — including Gucci, the Gap, Walmart, Crocs, Adidas and Prada — just to name a few.

Although the news of the project lacked specifics, the artist’s identity and the date of the auction are expected to be released shortly. We’ll be keeping our “ear to the street” to find out what Lamborghini does next with their creative NFT collection.