Ledger & Fendi Create Luxury Hardware Wallet Accessory

Credit: Fendi

For the stylish degens among us, the wait is over: Ledger is combining forces with luxury fashion brand Fendi to create a luxury accessory specifically for your Ledger hardware wallet.

According to NFT Evening, the Fendi collection aspires to recreate a fashion wardrobe for the “New Roaring Twenties” that has a touch of formality but revels in the breaking of old-world archetypes.

The first accessory resembles a miniature version of Fendi’s “Baguette” handbag, while the second is similar to the Fendi O’Lock chain. Both are fashioned out of aluminum and contain a highly-polished finish. Here’s a picture of one:

This innovation marks the first time a luxury brand has paired with a hardware wallet company to create a fashion accessory. Fendi showcased the two cases during the Fall/Winter 2022 runway show.

While parts of the crypto and NFT Twitter communities met this news with excitement, some prominent NFT Twitter bloggers expressed concerns about security, stating that they went to great lengths to keep their hardware wallets hidden, much less pay money for a case to display them in audacious fashion.

And though this move by Fendi could signal that crypto and NFTs are going further mainstream, it also highlights the potential dangers that high-profile wallets and people face, either virtually or in public.

Ledger is one of the top and oldest hardware wallet companies in the industry. It has two leading products — the Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S. They are unobtrusive and hard to notice, with both hardware wallets appearing like simple USB drives to the average person.

The company made waves recently in the NFT world after announcing an upcoming NFT integration to its wallet Ledger Live. There is no word yet as to when the cases from Fendi will be released or how much they will cost.