Louvre to Showcase AI Artist Claire Silver’s NFT Collection

Credit: The Times

In the past few years, AI artist Claire Silver has blazed a path through Web3 with thought-provoking pieces. Now, she is entering the mainstream. On March 6th, the artist announced that her latest non-fungible token collection, ‘can I tell you a secret,’ and her 1/1 NFT ‘Love in the 4th Turning’ will exhibit in the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.

The collaboration between Silver and the Louvre comes due to the efforts of Superchief Gallery NFT, which has physical NFT art installations in New York City and Los Angeles. In addition, Silver shared that she has signed with Hollywood agency WME, the agency’s first signing of an AI artist. Of her partnership with WME, Silver said that they’ll bring ‘AI art to mainstream culture together.’

Silver is known for her work in ‘post-photography,’ which manipulates data to enhance digital images. She was one of the earliest artists to adopt NFT technology, creating works as early as 2017. Her works have sold on NFT marketplaces like SuperRare and OpenSea, often for tens of thousands of dollars.

‘can i tell you a secret’ is an NFT collection consisting of 100 autobiographical post-photography works. Silver has expressed the sentiment that, for her, AI is an extension of the imagination and because it removes ‘the barrier of skill,’ those with taste rise to the top. The collection will debut at the Louvre later in March.

Artists Make Up Backbone of NFT Industry

While many on the outside solely see the eye-popping numbers some NFTs sell for and wonder how they can get rich, others believe the heart and soul of the industry comes down to artists. And it is true: Without artists, the NFT space would be a lot more dull. Here are three stories involving NFTs and artists in the past four months.

First, three weeks ago, eBay’s NFT marketplace KnownOrigin announced plans to launch a smart contract for artists. With the smart contract, artists will be able to collaborate and split royalties, a rare functionality.

Next, two months ago, the Orlando Museum of Art announced plans to feature NFT artists through a collection called ‘Twentysomethings: Works and NFTs from the Fabio Sandoval Collection.’ The exhibition runs from January 27th to May 7th.

Lastly, four months ago, the NBA team the New York Knicks launched a 1/1 NFT collection that featured local artists. The collection, called ‘New York Forever,’ came with IRL perks for collectors.

Claire Silver’s new NFT exhibition at the Louvre and her signing with WME are big news and a boost for artists in the Web3 and AI spaces. While there’s no telling what the reception to her exhibition will be, there’s no doubt Silver is hitting the big time.