Mercedes-Benz Enlist 5 NFT Artists for “NF-G” Project

Credit: Roger Kilimanjaro

Mercedes-Benz released its first non-fungible token (NFT) project with the crypto artist collective known as ART2PEOPLE. It consists of a limited number of tokenized digital artworks by five digital artists honoring a classic Mercedes-Benz’ vehicle — the G-Class.

The luxury car company collaborated with the artists’ collective and five talented artists to reinterpret the classic G-Class Mercedes-Benz, an off-road vehicle with a long history and fanbase in the Mercedes-Benz community.

The “NF-G” collection dropped on the curated NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway on January 23rd and was on sale for one hour. The artwork was priced between $222 and $1,554 USD, and the quantity was limited. Not surprisingly, the collection sold out within the hour.

ART2PEOPLE was founded by Can Florian Ahegger (aka Uniquecol) and Marc Mori with the mission to bring together talented artists from around the world and help them manage and market NFT and crypto art projects. They bill themselves as the “first crypto art collective” and initiated and created the project with Mercedes-Benz.

The five artists chosen for the “NF-G” project were Antoni Tudisco, Baugasm, Klarens Malluta, Charlotte Tayler x Anthony Authié and Roger Kilimanjaro.

As one might expect, the artists each had their own distinct interpretations of the G-Class, but futuristic renderings of the car in short-video clip formats were a constant. Klarens Malluta’s “NF-G” depicts a spaceship hovering in a neon-lit sky above the Mercedes G-Class vehicle.

Besides the ownership of the digital artwork, purchasers and holders of the NFTs will be entered into a raffle and have the chance to win an actual G-Wagon Mercedes-Benz.

ART2PEOPLE wrote the following on their website:

“The G-Class is an ‘OG’ in its own world and now its entry into the NFT space solidifies this status as an ‘OG’ in new technologies and mediums. There is a parallel between the rarity and uniqueness of the G-Class and NFTs; in their respective motoring and art worlds.”

He continued, “The 5 artists chosen have created works that reflect on the fundamentals of what the car stands for; portraying the familiarity that the G-Class fan base relates to yet elevating it to a masterpiece and the primary focus of the artworks.”

The collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is a big score for the crypto art collective and the individual artists who worked on the project. Mercedes also no doubt understands the potential value of the NFT market and how working with young talented artists can promote their brand and raise revenue.