Model Bella Hadid is Creating an NFT Community

Credit: AP Images

The superstar model Bella Hadid recently shared news of an upcoming NFT collection called “CY-B3LLA.” On her Instagram page, Hadid suggested each of these 11,111 NFTs will come with plenty of perks, including IRL meet-ups with Hadid.

On her Instagram feed, Hadid said each of her “CY-B3LLA” NFTs will feature a “3D scan” of herself. She also told her 52 million Instagram followers that every NFT in this genesis drop will serve as a “passport” to the “CY-B3LLA” community.

Hadid posted a short teaser trailer for the first “CY-B3LLA” NFT drop on her Instagram account. This ad features Hadid in a futuristic white suit and a hi-tech image of the world that lights up behind her. 

There aren’t many specifics on the perks “CY-B3LLA” NFT holders could enjoy, but Hadid mentioned people in this private community will get the chance to meet her. The American-born model also said she will expand her “meta-nation” in the “upcoming months.”

According to Bella Hadid, the primary purpose behind the “CY-B3LLA” project is to create a metaverse community that’s “sustained” by positive emotions like “peace, love, [and] compassion.” Hadid also wants to use her “CY-B3LLA” community to create “meaningful connections” with her fans. 

The metaverse company reBASE is helping Bella Hadid bring her “CY-B3LLA” NFTs to life. 

Bella Hadid didn’t release details on when the NFT drop will occur, but people could sign up for whitelist opportunities on Fans could also follow Bella Hadid on Instagram for more info on the “CY-B3LLA” collection. 

Modeling Moves to the Metaverse 

Professional modeling is steadily migrating into metaverse applications. Frequent readers of Rarity Sniper News should already know that multiple high-end fashion houses have chosen Web3 sites to show off their latest clothes and accessories. 

For instance, the French company Dior recently hosted its 2022 Men’s Fashion show on the ​​Meta ZiWU app. Decentraland also hosted its first Metaverse Fashion Week this year, which featured many avatar models wearing clothes by brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana. 

There are also many solo models like Bella Hadid that are using NFTs to build connections with fans and create new revenue streams. For instance, the model Emily Ratajkowski made headlines when she sold an NFT image of herself for $140,000 at Christie’s. 

Of all the American models involved in Web3, Paris Hilton is arguably the most active. In addition to collecting and creating NFTs, Hilton is one of the most prominent investors in up-in-coming Web3 projects like Afterparty. Hilton is also working on multiple ventures in metaverse platforms like The Sandbox and Roblox.

Whether it’s metaverse games, virtual fashion shows, or NFT collectibles, it’s clear that professional models are interested in the opportunities Web3 offers.