Azuki Sales Surge After Short Film & Game Release

Credit: Azuki

On Monday, the AnimeCoin Foundation launched a new game called “Gacha Grab,” which was first teased back in March as part of the AnimeChain project.

The AnimeChain was founded by the Weeb3 Foundation, the Arbitrum Foundation, and Chiru Labs — the creators of the Azuki NFT collection. Built on the Layer 2 blockchain Arbitrum, it aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things anime related, including games, content, merchandise, and NFTs.

According to the report, the Gacha Grab was inspired by “gachapan” toy vending machines in Japan. Players can use credits to spin a dial to earn prizes, points, and Gachapon collectibles. To reward existing community members, credits are given to players who hold an Azuki, Beanz, or Elementals NFT. Players who participated in the Bonus Quest in March will also receive 100 bonus credits.

The collectibles come in three rarity tiers, including ‘Esteemed,’ ‘Grand,’ and ‘Legend.’ Furthermore, beginning on April 6th and lasting for two weeks, the AnimeCoin Foundation will give a 2x credit earn boost to participants. There will also be a leaderboard where players can track their rankings.

Besides the new game, Azuki also dropped the first episode of its three-part anthology series created with Dentsu and creative producer Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass and One Piece Film Red) yesterday. ‘Enter The Garden,’ a short anime film, is now available for viewing on YouTube.

The unveiling of the new initiatives was followed by a surge in Azuki NFT sales yesterday, even as the price of Bitcoin and the overall crypto market dropped significantly. On Tuesday, Azuki was the top selling NFT collection of the day, with sales reaching $1.1 million. The move pushed its all-time sales to around $1.1 billion, making it the 8th largest NFT collection in the market by total sales volume.

Meanwhile, BTC fell around 6.3% during the same time, dropping below its support level of $60,000. ETH also decreased by around 5% to fall under $3,000.

Azuki Continues to Build

Many OG NFT collections struggled during the bear market, with their floor prices dropping significantly from all-time highs (ATH). While Azuki also experienced a big drop from its ATH floor price of 31.8 ETH back in April 2022, Chiru Labs has never stopped building and bringing value to its community. Now it looks like its efforts are starting to pay off.

Here are some of the top headlines about Azuki in Web3:

As you can see, Azuki has been staying busy in Web3. In 2022, the collection even sent its most famous character, the Bean Farmer, into outer space with NASA strapped to a Ledger hardware wallet. Of course, only time will if Azuki and the other NFT collections from Chiru Labs can maintain their momentum. But for now, holders of Azuki NFTs certainly have reason to celebrate.

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