NFPrompt Debuts AI-to-NFT Minting Platform

Artificial intelligence has officially entered the Web3 space, and the first minting platform is a doozy. NFPrompt — both a minting platform and an NFT marketplace — comes with robust features, including text-to-image capabilities, the ability to mint non-fungible tokens, and all the functions of your standard NFT marketplace.

To create the images, NFPrompt has tapped into two AI creation tools: Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. The system works like a typical text-to-image generator, allowing the user to put in a prompt (either text or image), create a negative prompt, and set the aspect ratio, chaos, and stylize features. The AI machine will then spit out four images, one of which you can choose to mint.

During the introductory period, new users can receive credits for a variety of actions, which they can then use to create a certain number of images. Some of the actions users can take include referring friends to the platform, following the company on Twitter, and joining the team’s official Discord channel.

For the introductory period, the company is offering users the opportunity to mint NFTs for free, providing rebates for the gas fee. NFPrompt chose the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) to host the NFTs, writing that “user fees would also be minimized due to the non-congestion and reliability of the BNB Chain.” The company also considered the decentralization of the BNB Chain as part of its selection.

NFPrompt is also issuing 1 billion tokens to reward traders, buyers, sellers, and early investors. The tokens indicates that the organization is interested in decentralizing, as they will be used for governance and voting on future directions of the platform. Early metrics show that NFPrompt is growing. Time will tell if it becomes a top platform, but it is certainly innovating in the space.

AI and NFTs a Potent Combination

In recent years, artificial intelligence and non-fungible tokens have emerged as powerful technology forces of change. With them, we can redesign modern-day society, create new worlds, and establish new paradigms. But it has only been in the past few months that the two technologies have intersected, and the results are promising.

Through text-to-image generators like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, the barrier to creating great art is at an all-time low. As Claire Silver, the renowned AI artist, has said, AI takes the skill out of creating great art. Now, it’s all about the ideas. With these tools, people can create the art they want. After, they can mint their pieces as NFTs.

One example of a company that has explored this intersection is Binance. The leading cryptocurrency company created a text-to-image generator that mints the images as non-fungible tokens. The tool attracted thousands of users, who minted tens of thousands of NFTs within hours. Currently, it is closed, though interested individuals can join the waitlist.

Other platforms tout their own text-to-image generators, but few can turn the art into NFTs directly. Soon that may change as the technology becomes more widespread, posing a change for the NFT landscape.

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