NHL Debuts NFT Collectibles Platform ‘NHL Breakaway’

Credit: NHL Breakaway

Today, the National Hockey League debuted its non-fungible token platform called ‘NHL Breakaway.’ The website will feature video clips of highlights from top NHL players in a similar mode to NBA Top Shot and other sports collectible platforms. NHL debuted today with two drops at 11 am CST:

  • An ‘Inaugural Opening Ice Pack’ featuring five highlights for $59
  • An ‘Inaugural Founding Fan Base Pack’ featuring three highlights for $9

The highlights will feature a rarity component, breaking away from the standard set by some other sports collectibles platforms. Three of the ‘Epic’ highlights in today’s drop are Connor McDavid’s 153-point season, Alex Ovechkin’s 800th goal, and Patrice Bergeron’s 1,000th career point.

NHL Breakaway will run on the Polygon sidechain, with payments to be made using credit and debit cards through mostly MoonPay. Eventually, the NHL will allow users to make payments using ACH and cryptocurrency, though the league hasn’t revealed the exact cryptos yet. The platform comes in partnership with Sweet, an NFT company that onboards sports leagues and teams into Web3.

Currently, NHL Breakaway is in Beta Mode, and only select users have access. However, interested individuals can register for access and join the waitlist through the official website. After registering, they can select their favorite team, indicating that the NHL is designing the platform to have a fandom component.

For now, users are not able to trade the NFTs. According to the NHL Breakaway website, a peer-to-peer marketplace will be launched in late 2023 where users will be able to exchange the video highlights.

Sports Bets Big on Web3

While many industries have entered Web3 in the past two years, few have done so with as much enthusiasm as the sports industry. From sports collectibles platforms to individual athletes launching collections, the sports industry seems bullish on Web3, even during this bear market. Here are three stories involving sports and Web3 from the past nine months.

First, a week ago, two esports gamers, Erik Engel and Max Ng, expressed interest in blockchain gaming, surprising the industry. While neither player said they had personally explored the Web3 gaming space yet, they said they were bullish on player-owned digital assets, which could reward gamers for time spent playing.

Next, two months ago, Nike and global video game company EA Sports announced a partnership wherein Nike’s Web3 division will make virtual items for EA games. The creations may include digital apparel, sneakers, and other accessories, which may be tied to exclusive events and rewards.

Lastly, nine months ago, soccer legend Lionel Messi announced that he had joined Sorare, a fantasy soccer game that uses NFTs, as an investor and brand ambassador. Messi will be involved in Sorare’s plan to elevate NFT fantasy sports through new experiences and better gameplay.

As these stories show, the sports industry is still betting big on Web3, even during this bear market. While time will tell if the NHL’s venture succeeds, Rarity Sniper believes that with the league’s resources, it has a good shot.