Nifty Island Unveils Speedrun Challenge for NFT Rewards

Credit: Nifty Island

Nifty Island, a Web3 game built on Ethereum with a focus on user-generated content, just announced a new speedrunning challenge for its community.

The challenge began this weekend with a creative phase where creators were invited to build unique courses based on the “Break the Targets” play mode. The courses were designed to test players abilities to complete runs as fast as possible while shooting targets.

Over the weekend, participants were asked to share a video of their course on X along with the hashtag #Nifty. According to a post from Nifty Island’s official X account, the game’s community team will choose the three most innovative courses based on originality, player enjoyment, and appeal. Afterwards, players will be invited to compete for the chance to win NFTs.

Some of the rewards for players who complete the fastest runs include in-game NFTs like Ultra Blades (0.11 ETH current floor price), Legendary Pistols (0.03 ETH) and Legendary Palms (0.52 ETH) — which give players in-game advantages. The developers of the top three courses will also be rewarded with an Iron Palm NFT.

Nifty Island, a 3D social game that lets players engage in quests, design their own islands, and earn airdrops and NFTs by participating, launched its beta mode in January this year with cross-chain functionality on Ethereum, Base, and Polygon. The game quickly became popular with users because it offers free creative tools for builders similar to Fortnite and Roblox’s Creative Mode. Its play-to-airdrop campaign leading up to the airdrop of its $ISLAND token has also helped the game gain momentum in recent weeks.

More information about the details of the “Break the Targets” competition is available on Nifty Island’s X account and Discord.

Web3 Gaming on the Rise

For fans of Nifty Island, the “Break the Targets” competition could be an exciting chance to win useful and potentially valuable NFTs. And for game developers looking to show off what they can do, it could be a great opportunity to be recognized by the community.

But Nifty Island isn’t the only blockchain-based game that’s been busy building its brand. As the crypto market heats up, Web3 gaming looks like its poised for a breakout year. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered dozens of articles about Web3 gaming this year. Here are some of the top headlines:

In the past, Web3 games have been criticized for their gameplay. But with more investments and industry leaders entering Web3, more quality games are arriving to the space. Of course, only time will tell what lies ahead for the future of blockchain-based gaming. But for now, Nifty Island users have reason to be excited — especially the ones who are lucky (or skilled) enough to win the “Break the Targets” challenge.

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