Nouns NFTs to Appear in 2023 Rose Bowl Parade

Credit: Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

The Nouns NFT project is taking its pixelated characters with boxy glass (aka Noggles) into the real world.

A “Meet the Nouns” float will appear as part of the 134th annual Rose Parade on January 2nd, 2024, in Pasadena, California. The parade precedes the Rose Bowl college football matchup between Utah and Penn State. According to the report, the float is 65-foot-long, covered in flowers, and features customized characters that display a variety of traits from the Nouns NFT project.

The idea was first pitched to the Nouns community in June by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, a production company co-founded by actor Seth Green and known for its popular animated TV series “Robot Chicken.” The initiative was approved and funded by the Nouns DAO.

According to the report, the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios requested 610 ETH to fund the parade float, costumes, and a documentary film. The current value of 610 ETH is around $723,000 (it was over $1 million when first requested).

Nouns is a unique Ethereum-based NFT project that auctions off a single NFT pixel character every day. The funds from the sales are deposited into the community treasury, the Nouns DAO, and members can vote on different proposals that tap into the treasury’s funds. The treasury currently holds around $32.7 million worth of ETH.

Chris Waters, Head of Development at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, said that the Rose Parade has a viewing audience of over 30 million, and because it’s a “volunteer-run event that focuses on fun, creativity, and community,” it’s a great fit for Nouns.

This isn’t Nouns first move into real-life events. The Nouns glasses appeared in a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial this year and on limited edition cans of the beer. The DAO also funded physical Noggles glasses that debuted at the New York Fashion Week this summer.

NFT Projects Innovate in 2022

The physical float from Nouns at the Rose Parade is big news for its community, as well as Web3 and college football fans. But Nouns isn’t the only NFT project that’s been innovating in 2022. Despite the bear market, several NFT projects have launched creative projects this year. Here are the top three.

First, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) partnered with global watch manufacturer TIMEX for a limited line of 500 Ape-themed watches linked to a NFT wearables. The in-real-life watches were available to Bored Ape and Mutate Ape NFT holders, and they came with NFT watches that can be used with holder’s PFP avatars in different metaverses.

Next, the popular Anime Azuki NFTs spread the holiday cheer this season by letting NFT holders dress their avatars in Santa hats, Christmas sweaters, and other holiday themed wearables. They also provided accessories like snow, a gift, a snowman, candy canes and more, which Azuki holders used to deck out their NFTs and share on Twitter.

Lastly, Lucky Ducky, a family-friendly, hand-crafted Claymation NFT collection made Web3 news recently when it onboarded two world-renowned animators, Pete Levin and Rich Zim. The two animators have decades of experience working in Claymation projects. They will be joining the team as advisors and collaborators.

Since 2022 has been such a tough year for NFTs, many projects have had to innovate to bring value to their community. The “Meet the Nouns” parade float for the Rose Bowl looks like it could do just that, but perhaps more importantly, it will give folks a chance to have some fun to kick off the new year.