Popular Houston Water Park Sells NFT Season Passes

Credit: Lago Mar

Houston’s Lago Mar Crystal Lagoon now offers a variety of NFT season passes on OpenSea. According to the Lagoon Development Company’s CEO Uri Man, this is the first time a major US attraction sold summer passes using NFT technology. 

Interested customers could find Lago Mar’s OpenSea page under the name “Lagoon Houston NFT.” Currently, the park offers four NFT season passes, each of which features a different video of people enjoying Texas’s largest lagoon. The activity highlighted in each NFT corresponds to a bonus perk NFT holders will enjoy.

For instance, the “Kayaking NFT” grants holders special kayaking privileges on Lago Mar. The three other NFTs give access to aquastrike, sailing, or paddleboarding. 

However, no matter which NFT a person buys, they will enjoy unlimited access to Lago Mar Crystal Lagoon until December 2022. A few of the many benefits included with this NFT season ticket include:

  • A one-time pass to bring four guests to Lago Mar.
  • An Aqua Play Activity Pass to enjoy attractions like bumper boats and the “Titan Slide.”
  • Preferred access and special discounts for 2023 Lago Mar event tickets. 
  • A VIP tour of Lago Mar Crystal Lagoon.  
  • Special seats and invitations to live entertainment. 
  • Discounts on food and drink. 

Although the Lago Mar Crystal Lagoon is a relatively new development, it has become a staple summer destination for many Houstonians. According to Lago Mar’s OpenSea page, about 80,000 people bought day passes to visit the lagoon in 2021. In addition to its standard recreational activities, Lago Mar is well-known for hosting the annual Lagoonfest Texas. 

Currently, the cost for one Lago Mar NFT pass costs between 0.05 and 0.06 ETH (or $150 – $180). The sale of these virtual season passes will end on May 4th. 

Companies are Tinkering with NFT Ticketing

Most mainstream reports on NFTs focus on NFT art projects or profile pics, but many companies are interested in practical applications like virtual season passes. Indeed, a recent PwC report suggested NFT season passes could add a significant revenue stream to the pro sports market. There are also many entertainment venues and conferences that are experimenting with NFT tickets. 

For instance, the upcoming MET AMS metaverse conference in Amsterdam partnered with the company GUTS to create virtual passes. GUTS specializes in fusing e-ticketing with blockchain technology. 

Rarity Sniper recently discovered MGM Resorts is offering NFT tickets for an upcoming Jabbawockeez performance. This marks the first time a resort on the Las Vegas Strip used NFT ticketing for a headline act.  

There are also rumors that theme parks as large as Disney are developing NFT tickets. In fact, Lago Mar’s CEO Uri Man explicitly mentioned “Disney World” when discussing how many American attractions now want to “offer NFT entry and experiences.” 

As Rarity Sniper reported, Disney has been searching for a Web3 expert, and the company’s former CEO Bob Iger is a partner with the avatar-building company Genies. As NFT tickets become more accepted, perhaps guests could use their NFT wallets to visit Walt Disney World.