Prize Pool for Pixelmon’s New Game ‘PixelPals’ Hits $193K

Credit: Pixel Pals

The Pixelmon turnaround continues.

According to a press release shared with Rarity Sniper, the prize pool for Pixelmon’s new game “PixelPals” has reached $193,000. All participants in the game’s ongoing Season Zero will receive part of the pool.

PixelPals is Pixelmon’s second hypercasual game after “Kevin the Adventurer.” Players mint a free pet, then keep it alive through a variety of world-building activities like growing and harvesting crops, providing shelter and warmth, and earning experience points.

The game has especially been a hit in Asia, with Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong making up most of the top 10 in user count.

Filipino content creator Sir Alvon who lives in Manila said that he loves playing PixelPals, noting that it’s “fun, easy to play, and doesn’t take a lot of time.” According to Alvon, people can play it while commuting or taking a break from work, and he believes the game’s going to get even better in future seasons.

So far, 480,000 unique wallets have been registered to PixelPals, and the game has amassed over 100,000 daily active players in the past two weeks. 120,000 of the total user base has been logging in every day for the past seven days.

The next season of PixelPals will add a turn-based card battle feature to the game, where users will be able to compete for $MON. Other developments for future seasons are underway.

Pixelmon Midway through Turnaround

When Pixelmon dropped its genesis NFT collection in 2022, the art quickly became a meme and not in a good way. It was quite bad, and though the company raised tens of millions in the Dutch auction, the reputational damage was tough to undue.

Under new leadership, Pixelmon has worked to change the narrative surrounding the company. Here are three stories we’ve covered about them, all from the past eight months.

First, two months ago, Pixelmon’s $MON token presale ended in eight minutes. The sale was for 62.1 million tokens, 6.2% of the 1 billion supply. The team sold the tokens in lots, with 2,888 $MON per lot. Holders of Golden Trainer and Pixelmon NFTs were granted access to participate.

Next, three months ago, Pixelmon raised $8 million in seed funding with participation from Animoca Brands, Delphi Ventures, Amber Group, Bing Ventures, and more. Some crypto influencers also participated, including Alex Becker, FaZe Banks, Loopify, EllioTrades, and Zeneca.

Lastly, eight months ago, Kevin, the infamous meme from Pixelmon’s NFT drop, was reborn on the Base blockchain as an open edition NFT. Buyers were entered into a raffle with the chance to win an unhatched Pixelmon egg, access to in-person Pixelmon events, and perks for a Base mini-game.

There’s no doubt that Pixelmon still has a long way to go before completing its initial promises to users, and that the community still should hold the company accountable for its past mistakes. But Pixelmon is also delivering, which is a good sign for its fans.

We’ll keep an eye out for any developments in the story and update it if needed.