Rarity Sniper Becomes Nifty’s Official Rarity Partner

In a win for NFT enthusiasts, Rarity Sniper has become NFT platform Nifty’s official rarity partner. As part of the deal, Rarity Sniper will construct rarity rankings for Nifty’s NFT collections — starting with the much-anticipated Matrix and Looney Tunes NFT series.

Fans of NFTs will win from a couple of aspects.

First, collectors of Nifty’s NFTs will now have a home to determine the rarity of their collectibles. Because rarity is so vital in determining the value of an NFT, enthusiasts will now be able to accurately assess their NFT’s worth and make financial decisions accordingly.

Second, rarity snipers can now analyze the rarity rankings of collections on yet another NFT platform. This ability gives users of the Rarity Sniper website options for determining which NFT to purchase on Nifty’s, including sniping for rarity and the usual buying techniques.

The news is certainly exciting for more reasons than the two mentioned above. There’s nothing quite like seeing the work in action, so let’s introduce you to the first two collections on Nifty’s that Rarity Sniper will focus on: the Matrix and Looney Tunes NFT Series.

The Matrix Avatars

Have you ever wanted to participate in The Matrix, a collection of stories about Neo and other humans escaping a robot-controlled simulation? You now can, through an NFT collection called The Matrix Avatars and its accompanying game.

The Matrix Avatars is a 100,000 NFT collection that combines profile picture avatars with “artifacts” to create an encompassing Matrix experience. To review the gameplay, holders received their first assignment after the 100,000 avatars dropped late in 2021: take the “blue pill” or “red pill” and choose to remain in the Matrix or become a freedom fighter.

Players who took the “red pill” saw their NFTs transform, changing the appearance of the characters. Because the partnership between Nifty’s and Warner Bros. will last a couple of years, users will see more “gameplay” and need to navigate decisions that involve their NFT.

You might say 100,000 is a lot of NFTs for a single collection. That’s where Rarity Sniper comes in.

Using our industry-leading techniques, our team has constructed the rarity ranking for the avatars, considering 34 different trait categories. Those categories include the NFT’s occupation, transportation, glasses, footwear, and more. As usual, we have assigned each NFT a rarity score, by which you can determine the ones that are the rarest or not. Check out The Matrix Avatars’ rarity page to learn more.

Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?

Nifty’s is going to the classics for this second featured collection. Called “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?,” this NFT collection will feature beloved Loony Tunes characters like Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, and Marvin the Martian. Like with The Matrix Avatars, the Loony Tunes stars will be recognizable in the NFTs, and holders can use them as profile pictures on social media sites.

For the Looney Tunes collection, Warner Bros. is exploring how to incorporate storytelling into NFTs. Although one company employee was mum on most of the details, they did say users can expect a plot that’ll keep them engaged. In addition, the company is planning different kinds of utility for holders of the Looney Tunes NFT. These utilities include access to limited edition merchandise, virtual meet-ups, and more NFTs.

The Looney Tunes’ NFTs will come with various traits, although those have not been disclosed yet. To give users the best chance at sniping rares and knowledge about which NFTs are the most valuable, Rarity Sniper will provide a rarity ranking for the first collection — of Tweety Bird — and all successive ones.

For more information about the Looney Tunes NFTs, visit Nifty’s “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?” page.

About Nifty’s

As Jeff Marsilio, the CEO and co-founder of Nifty’s, wrote in an open letter to Nifty’s users, the company started with the idea that NFTs are more than just about financial speculation. They are about passion, engagement, and community.

Nifty’s takes that philosophy to heart with high-quality, curated drops. It counts among its partners Warner Bros., MoonPay, and now Rarity Sniper. It also has agreements with many artists to display their works on the Nifty’s website. Some of the featured NFT collections on the platform are:

  • The Other Eden by Temporal Shift
  • Burn and Replace by Get a Goon Squad NFT
  • Works by artist Damien Hirst
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: The Matrix Avatars collection

The company runs its NFT drops on the Palm sidechain, an L2 Ethereum scaling solution. Using the Palm sidechain reduces the environmental impact of Nifty’s NFT drops. To find out more about Nifty’s, visit its website here.

About Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper is the leading source of rarity in the NFT space. With rarity scores for over 1,500 collections structured and delivered, the company seeks to provide high-quality results to collection owners, rarity snipers, and NFT enthusiasts.

Today, users of Rarity Sniper’s tools account for nearly 900,000 active community members:

  1. 523K followers on Twitter
  2. 326K Discord members
  3. 1.5 million website monthly page views

In addition to providing rarity information, Rarity Sniper has a dedicated NFT statistics page where users can track their favorite collections. It also has a “Buy Now” button that aids rarity snipers directly by allowing them to shop nearly entirely at one website.

Finally, Rarity Sniper has a team of writers covering everything related to Web3: cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and non-fungible tokens. Along with news, the writing team creates easy-to-follow guides about the high-tech space. For more information about Rarity Sniper, start at our home page.

Final Thoughts

The Rarity Sniper x Nifty’s partnership will benefit NFT enthusiasts in both communities. NFT snipers will now have rarity data available for Nifty’s top collections, which can help them choose which NFT to buy. Snipers will also gain from the partnership, as the rarity data will enable them to find deals.