Rarity Sniper Partners with FlooredApe for NFT Rarity Integration

Rarity Sniper has teamed up with FlooredApe — an NFT wallet tracking tool — to integrate non-fungible token rarity data onto its platform. The new tool will add verified rarity data from a large list of NFT collections currently ranked by Rarity Sniper.

FlooredApe and Rarity Sniper are dedicated to providing NFT snipers with the tools they need to be successful, and both companies are confident that the addition of the rarity tool will be useful for FlooredApe users and people searching for rare NFTs on the platform.

Rarity Rankings on FlooredApe

Determining the rarity of an NFT is critical for NFT collectors, investors, and snipers. And now with the new Rarity Sniper ranking tool on FlooredApe, determining the rarity ranking of NFT collections is easier than ever before.

To use the Rarity Sniper integration, select an NFT collection on FlooredApe and look at a specific NFT. If the NFT is ranked by Rarity Sniper, then the rarity rank will be visible. You can also use the link to the Rarity Sniper page, where more rarity information and data are available for selected NFT collections.

What is FlooredApe?

FlooredApe is a community-owned and operated NFT wallet tracking tool. Although it’s been around for a short period, its utility for NFT snipers has already attracted a strong user base.

Here are some features and data that can be found at FlooredApe:

  • Wallet watchlists
  • Collection overviews
  • Transaction data
  • Gas tracker tools
  • NFT transfers
  • A customizable experience
  • NFT data such as floor price, average price, total sales volume, and the number of owners

The team at FlooredApe aims to build a non-corporate and non-elitist structure that focuses on collaboration over competition. That is why all members of the community have an equal vote in feature implementation and future products.

Users are granted lifetime access to FlooredApe for the reasonable price of 0.02 ETH. To find out more about FlooredApe.io, join its Twitter and/or Discord channel.

What is Rarity Sniper?

Rarity Sniper is one of the most trusted sources for checking rarity in the NFT space, with over 1,500+ verified collection rankings and growing daily. Every day, thousands of NFT snipers visit the site to retrieve important NFT data for trading.

Currently, the platform boasts:

• 508K+ Twitter followers
• 340K+ Discord members
• 1.5 million+ unique monthly visitors

Rarity Sniper also provides its users with a list of upcoming NFT drops, educational articles about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and Web3, as well as daily NFT news.

In Conclusion

Rarity Sniper and FlooredApe are both young companies dedicated to providing their users with NFT data, tools, and information. Now NFT fans and snipers have access to a trusted and verified rarity ranking on FlooredApe, which should prove useful for users.

The integration looks like a good move for both companies, and most importantly, it brings utility to users. Visit our New Features page for more information about Rarity Sniper’s new partnerships and technical developments.