Rarity Sniper Partners with LooksRare for NFT Rarity Integration

As non-fungible tokens (NFT) continue to grow in popularity, interesting collaborations between NFT companies and platforms are evolving. Most recently, Rarity Sniper partnered with LooksRare to provide enhanced rarity ranking NFT data for NFT collectors and traders.

The integration — which intuitively adds a Rarity Sniper link to over 1,300 active collections ranked by the platform — went live this week and should prove useful for NFT collectors and degens searching the popular NFT marketplace for deals.

Rarity Ranking Feature on LooksRare

For NFT investors and collectors, knowing the rarity of an NFT is critical for determining its sale price. Now for NFT traders on LooksRare, checking the rarity of an NFT will be easier and more efficient than ever before.

To use the new Rarity Sniper integration on LooksRare, users can search for NFT collections in the top search bar or scroll down on the homepage to see the Top Collections Today. Once a user finds the NFT collection they’re looking for, they can filter NFTs in the collection in several ways, such as by price range, traits, and features, or only NFTs listed for sale (Buy Now).

When an NFT is selected, it will bring you to the NFT’s Properties, and to the right of Properties, users will see the Rarity Sniper’s logo — a diamond inside a red circle with a bullseye over its center — and the current rarity rank of the NFT in the collection.

Users can click the icon to open Rarity Sniper’s page, which provides more detailed information, including:

  • An NFT’s rarity rank within the collection and its rarity score
  • Each trait and the percent of times it occurs in the collection
  • Whether the NFT is listed for sale

Rarity Sniper also provides information such as the amount of NFTs in a collection, a rarity chart, the number of NFT owners, the floor price, and the total volume of sales.

What is LooksRare?

The NFT marketplace LooksRare is a decentralized NFT marketplace that rewards users for participation on the platform and prides itself on being community-oriented. It first burst onto the scene in January 2022 with the ambitious aim to dethrone OpenSea of the #1 NFT marketplace spot, and has since risen to become a reputable secondary NFT marketplace:

Here are some other facts about LooksRare:

  • LooksRare has its own native governance token called LOOKS.
  • Users can earn LOOKS token rewards through staking, trading NFTs on the platform, or providing liquidity for LOOKS tokens (LP staking).
  • 100% of trading fees on the platform are distributed amongst LOOKS’ stakers.
  • The platform introduced the innovative NFT feature “Collections Offer,” which is a way of making a blanket offer to all holders of a particular NFT collection.

By rewarding both buyers and sellers for their activity on the platform, LooksRare incentivized users to user their NFT marketplace. Though the platform hasn’t dethroned OpenSea just yet, it’s certainly made a name for itself in the short time it’s been around.

What is Rarity Sniper?

Rarity Sniper was first created as a tool to help degens determine the rarity ranking of their NFTs and has since grown to become an indispensable resource for NFT collectors and investors. Whether you’re checking an NFTs rarity ranking or staying on top of NFT news, Rarity Sniper has you covered.

Here are some stats about the NFT platform:

  • At Rarity Sniper, we publish NFT, crypto, blockchain, and metaverse news daily.
  • Our Twitter channel just reached half a million followers.
  • Our website attracts over 1.5 unique monthly visitors.

The concept of rarity is huge when it comes to NFTs, and Rarity Sniper has recognized this from the beginning. We are now considered one of the most trusted verified NFT rarity ranking sites for NFT degens, fans, and collectors alike.


From the beginning, LooksRare pledged to be a community-driven NFT marketplace and it looks like they’re fully committed to the task. By integrating Rarity Sniper’s rarity tool check into their UI, the young marketplace is once again proving they care about their community.

Furthermore, the ethos of decentralization is fundamental to the NFT community, and one sign of decentralization in action is platforms coming together to enhance the overall experience of their users. This partnership appears to be another sign that the NFT and Web3 spaces won’t be dominated by one or two companies, but by a myriad of people and platforms collaborating to create the best products and user experiences.

For more information about Rarity Sniper’s new partnerships and technical developments, visit our New Features page.