Rarity Sniper Partners with Rarible for NFT Rarity Integration

In a win for NFT enthusiasts, Rarity Sniper has partnered with NFT marketplace Rarible to deliver enhanced data from Rarity Sniper’s proprietary NFT rarity database. The partnership is big for NFT traders in two ways:

First, NFT shoppers on Rarible will have access to the best and most comprehensive rarity data information in the Web3 space, one that spans over 1,500 collections and grows daily. Because rarity is important for purchasing decisions, these shoppers will be better informed when buying and selling their digital assets.

Second, users who are already visiting Rarity Sniper regularly will have another website to find our data, making the shopping process more convenient and eliminating the need for opening multiple tabs or windows on their computer.

The following guide will cover where NFT enthusiasts can find Rarity Sniper’s enhanced data on the Rarible website, a brief overview of the Rarible NFT marketplace, and a small section about Rarity Sniper.

Finding Rarity Rankings on the Rarible Website

Finding Rarity Sniper’s rarity rankings on the Rarible website is an easy and straightforward process. First, navigate to the Rarible home page. After, search for the NFT collection of your choice using the search bar. You’ll then be taken to that collection’s dedicated landing page, where you’ll see which NFTs from that collection users have listed for sale.

Click on the NFT you’re interested in, which will direct you to that NFT’s page. Under the NFT image are four buttons: Overview, Properties, Bids, and History. The NFT’s rarity ranking from Rarity Sniper is under the “Properties” button. Click on it, and above the list of properties the NFT has, you’ll see the rarity ranking in technicolor.

Rarible presents the rarity ranking of the NFT out of the total number of NFTs in the collection. For instance, if the NFT is ranked #9,783 and the collection has 10,000 total NFTs, the rarity ranking will look like “9,783/10,000.”

The lower the number on the left, the rarer the NFT is. If you want more information about the rarity ranking, you can click on the technicolor bar. That will take you to the NFT’s page on the Rarity Sniper website. It has more detailed rarity data, such as the rarity of specific traits. For now, Rarity Sniper rankings on the Rarible website are only available for Ethereum-based NFT collections.

About Rarible

Alex Salkinov and Alexei Falin founded Rarible in early 2020, and soon it found itself in competition with the top marketplaces of the time. Today, it supports five blockchains — Ethereum, Flow, Solana, Tezos, and Polygon.

Rarible decided to decentralize in 2021, creating a governance token called $RARI that NFT traders received from buying and selling NFTs on the platform. In 2022, the Rarible DAO voted unanimously to use $RARI exclusively for new Web3 projects.

The Rarible marketplace is a hybrid platform, allowing for the trading of NFTs but also for different social media features. For instance, users can “follow” accounts they like and even message them. These measures allow for greater communication between users, facilitating trading.

About Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper is the leading source for rarity data in the NFT space. To date, we have authored rarity data sets on over 1,500 collections, with the number growing daily. Rarity Sniper’s approach is customizable — we work directly with collection founders to make sure the sets are accurate.

Since its inception in 2021, Rarity Sniper has grown rapidly. Its website receives over 1 million visitors per month, its Twitter account has around 500,000 followers, and its Discord server has over 300,000 members.

In addition, it is a top source for news relating to all subjects Web3. Every day, the Rarity Sniper media team covers stories with topics like the metaverse, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, Web3 trademark applications, and much more.

To learn more about Rarity Sniper, visit the following pages:

Now, a final word about the partnership between Rarity Sniper and Rarible.

In Conclusion

Rarity Sniper’s partnership with Rarible will benefit NFT enthusiasts in two ways: Shoppers on Rarible will now have access to top rarity data, and rarity snipers who frequent our website will have another place to receive rarity data without having to open up another tab or window.

Happy collecting!