Rarity Sniper Partners with Watchtower for NFT Rarity Data

Rarity Sniper has teamed up with Watchtower — an NFT insight platform — to integrate non-fungible token rarity data onto its website. The new tool integrates verified rarity data from a large list of NFT collections currently ranked by Rarity Sniper, with more added daily.

The feature displays Rarity Sniper’s rarity rank and the rarity of each trait on select NFTs. Watchtower and Rarity Sniper are companies geared towards providing NFT snipers and enthusiasts with the tools they need to be successful, and both think the addition of the rarity tool will be useful for Watchtower users.

How to Use Rarity Rankings on Watchtower

All NFTs in generative NFT collections are unique, and some are rarer than others. Typically, rare NFTs are more valuable, so determining the rarity of an NFT and how it ranks in a collection is critical information for NFT collectors.

The new Rarity Sniper ranking integration on Watchtower makes determining the rarity ranking of over 1,500 NFT collections easy. Some of the popular NFT collections that are currently on Watchtower and integrated with Rarity Sniper rankings include:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Moonbirds
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  • Otherdeed for Otherside
  • Azuki
  • Clone X

To use the Rarity Sniper tool, select an NFT collection on Watchtower and look at a specific NFT. If the NFT is ranked by Rarity Sniper, a rarity ranking number beside a diamond will be visible. If you hover over the number or the diamond, a more comprehensive list of traits and the rarity in which they appear in the collection powered by Rarity Sniper will show up.

This information can be used to help snipers find the best deals on NFTs, and not having to toggle back and forth between two web pages should save users time and energy.

What is Watchtower.cc?

Watchtower is an NFT insight platform that provides a myriad of data for NFT snipers and collectors. Listed below are some of the features the platform offers users:

  • Overview feeds. Users can choose what stats and analytics they wish to see in their overview feed, including stats like floor price, sales to listings ratio, distribution, volume, and over 20 additional key NFT stats.
  • An instant reveal toggle. This tool lets snipers see images from token metadata, allowing users to spot rare NFTs before OpenSea updates.
  • Quick jump collections. This feature lets users jump directly to the dashboards of collections they own from the quick jump menu so that they can better keep an eye on their collections.
  • Collection dashboards. Realtime sales scatter charts, floor sniper feeds, notable sales, and other pertinent information for NFT snipers are provided on collection dashboards.

The recent addition of the Rarity Sniper rarity badge should add even more utility for Watchtower users.

What is Rarity Sniper?

Rarity Sniper has quickly become the most trusted source for checking rarity in the NFT space. Since its launch, millions of NFT snipers and traders have visited the site to make more informed decisions about trading NFTs.

Currently, Rarity Sniper boasts:

  • 505K+ Twitter followers
  • 340K+ Discord members
  • 1.5 million+ unique monthly visitors

Rarity Sniper also provides users with a comprehensive list of NFT upcoming drops, educational articles about NFTs, cryptocurrency, Web3 and the metaverse, and daily NFT news.


Rarity plays a huge role in generative NFTs, and now NFT collectors and snipers will be able to access a trusted and verified rarity ranking on Watchtower easily and efficiently. We think this is a win not only for both companies but more importantly, for their users.

For more information about Rarity Sniper’s new partnerships and technical developments, visit our New Features page.