Rarity Sniper Partners with X2Y2 for NFT Rarity Integration

In recent news, Rarity Sniper has teamed up with X2Y2 — an emerging NFT marketplace — to integrate non-fungible token rarity data onto its platform. The new tool integrates verified rarity data from a large list of NFT collections currently ranked on Rarity Sniper, with more being added every day.

The user-friendly feature displays Rarity Sniper’s rarity rank beside the select NFT and links to more rarity data on the company’s page. Rarity Sniper — a company dedicated to providing NFT snipers with the tools they need — is confident the rarity tool will help users searching X2Y2 for the best deals and accurate NFT data.

How to Find Rarity Rankings on X2Y2

Knowing the rarity rank of an NFT in a generative NFT collection can help you determine its value, which is important for people who buy and sell NFTs. The new Rarity Sniper ranking tool on X2Y2 makes determining the rarity of over 1,500 NFT collections easier than ever before.

To find the tool from Rarity Sniper, open an NFT collection on the X2Y2 webpage and click on a specific NFT. This will open a new window where below the name and number of the NFT you can see a Rarity Sniper logo — a red circle with a diamond and bullseye in the middle — and the rarity rank of the NFT if the NFT collection is ranked by Rarity Sniper.

Clicking the number or logo will open Rarity Sniper’s webpage, which contains more data and analytics about the NFT, including:

  • A list of the NFT traits and the percent of times they occur in the collection
  • If the NFT is listed for sale, and if so, the sale price
  • The overall rarity score

Other information that Rarity Sniper provides includes the floor price of the collection, the quantity of NFTs in the collection, the number of owners, and the total volume of sales.

What is X2Y2?

X2Y2 is an emerging NFT marketplace that launched in February 2022 as a competitor to OpenSea. The goal of the team is to create a truly decentralized marketplace that supports its community. X2Y2 token is the governance token of the marketplace, and its name is derived from a mathematical formula that creates a perfect circle.

Listed below are some of the features of the X2Y2 marketplace:

  • Profit-sharing. X2Y2 users can stake their X2Y2 tokens on the platform and receive a percentage of the fees for all NFT trades proportional to their share.
  • Bulk listing and purchasing. Users can list and sell all of their NFTs in one transaction. Traders can buy multiple NFTs and pay a singular gas fee, which can amount to big savings.
  • Push notifications. Users are automatically emailed when there is a bid or sale of one of their NFTs. Traders are also notified when their bid is accepted.

There are several benefits to using the X2Y2 NFT marketplace, which is why it is so popular among NFT traders and snipers. The new integration with Rarity Sniper should add even more utility for X2Y2 users.

What is Rarity Sniper?

What started as a Discord channel to help NFT snipers determine the rarity of NFTs has evolved into the most trusted source for rarity rankings in the NFT space. Millions of NFT snipers and collectors use Rarity Sniper to make decisions about trading, buying, and selling NFTs.

Currently, Rarity Sniper has:

  • 515K + Twitter followers
  • 340K + Discord members
  • 1.5 million + unique monthly visitors

Rarity Sniper also provides users with NFT Upcoming Drops calendars, educational articles, and daily crypto, Web3, and NFT news.


Considering the huge role rarity plays in NFTs, integrating a trusted rarity checking tool like Rarity Sniper into the X2Y2 platform seems like a no-brainer. Now NFT snipers and collectors can access reliable rarity data without toggling between windows, saving time and energy.

Providing NFT collectors and snipers with the tools they need also reinforces X2Y2s commitment to their community. For more information about Rarity Sniper’s new partnerships and technical developments, visit our New Features page.