Ready Player Me Links with Unstoppable for Interoperable Metaverse

Credit: Ready Player Me

The Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains is partnering with Ready Player Me, a cross-game digital avatar platform, to let users create digital identities that are interoperable across metaverses.

Now through the partnership, users can create avatars with Ready Player Me to use across a myriad of decentralized applications (dApps) and metaverses. Users will be able to access over 6,000 Ready Player Me applications, games, and metaverses and over 650 partner apps from Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains users can register on Ready Player Me to create avatars by uploading a photo of themselves to auto-generate an avatar of their likeness or by choosing an existing Ready Player Me avatar. Ready Player Me members are also eligible for $50 towards an Unstoppable Domain name.

Unstoppable Domains provides Web3 domain names that enable users to build digital identities to bring into virtual worlds. The domain names let users send or receive cryptocurrency and NFTs, access games and metaverses, and create decentralized websites.

Sandy Carter, senior Vice President at Unstoppable Domains, said the integration not only enhances users´ digital identities, it gives them access to a myriad of Web3 technologies. She added that the Unstoppable profile can be the center of a digital identity that works “across all of your favorite metaverses.” On Ready Player Me’s end, the company is excited to bring identity to their avatars.

Unstoppable has been working hard to make its Web3 identities accessible and interoperable. In July 2022, it raised $65 million in a Series A round led by Pantery Capital. And in August, it released a mobile app that streamlines access to metaverses, dApps, and wallets.

Web3 Partnerships Are Growing

The recent partnership is big news for fans of Ready Player Me and Unstoppable Domains. But it isn’t the only Web3 partnership we’ve seen recently. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve written several stories about Web3 companies partnering for innovative projects and integrations. Here are the top stories.

First, a month ago, we announced Warner Music Group (WMG) partnered with Web3 company DressX. Now WMG artists can create NFT merchandise lines, including digital wearables to use in the metaverse.

Next, on January 6th, the independent movie studio Cinema Libre partnered with the blockchain company Movieplex to release a full-length NFT film on OpenSea. The first film is a documentary about the phosphate mining crisis in Florida. Cinema Libre intends to eventually release its entire film collection as NFTs.

Finally, just a couple of days ago, the United Talent Agency (UTA) announced it had signed PROOF, the Web3 studio behind the NFT collection Moonbirds. UTA is one of Hollywood’s three biggest talent agencies. The partnership will aim to expand Moonbirds “into a global brand.”

The unpredictability of the NFT and crypto markets has certainly shaken up some investors. But it hasn’t stopped Web3 companies from forming vital partnerships as they work towards the future of the space. We’ll keep our ears open for any more news about Unstoppable Domains and Ready Player Me’s new partnership.