Shopify Shows Off Doodles #6902 NFT on Twitter

Credit: Doodles / Shopify

On March 9th, Shopify revealed it bought Doodle #6902 from the Doodles NFT collection. Along with changing its Twitter profile pic, the Canadian e-commerce site tweeted directly to “@doodles” and wrote “gm doods 😍.”

Shortly after Shopify announced its first Doodles purchase, Burnt Toast Creative replied to Shopify’s Twitter page with “heyy 😍.” Burnt Toast Creative is the company name for Doodles’ co-founder and lead artist Scott Martin. 

Shopify has yet to reveal how much it spent on Doodle #6902, but the last recorded sale on OpenSea was on February 22nd, 2022. At that time, Doodle #6902 sold for 11.49 ETH, or about $26,500.  

It’s no secret that Shopify is bullish on the NFT sector. In fact, the company recently unveiled its NFT Beta Program for US customers. Anyone with a Shopify Plus membership could now mint and sell NFTs on Shopify’s platform. Both the Chicago Bulls and ​​Natural Selection Tour recently used Shopify to launch NFTs. 

Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lütke is also a well-known NFT enthusiast. Most famously, Lütke purchased the Ethereum domain name “tobi.eth” for 30 ETH (or $122,000). Lütke also displays the Wrapped CryptoPunk #1719 on his Twitter profile.  

While Shopify’s purchase brings more attention to the Doodles, these NFTs were already some of the top performers on OpenSea. The collection of 10,000 colorful NFTs currently has a floor price of over 10 ETH (or about $28,000). Celebrities as big as Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki now hold a few Doodles in their accounts. 

Doodles also hit a milestone in early 2022 when NFTBOXES’ founder Pransky bought the golden ape Doodle #6914 for 296.69 ETH ($1.1 million). To date, that’s the highest price anyone has spent on one Doodle NFT. Impressively, Pransky already has about 70 Doodles in his OpenSea portfolio.

How does Rarity Sniper rank Doodle #6902?

Although every Doodles NFT is valuable nowadays, Shopify’s Doodle #6902 doesn’t rank all that high in terms of scarcity. According to Rarity Sniper’s analysis, Doodle #6902 has a Rarity Score of just 12.76 and ranks #8220 out of the 10,000 Doodles. 

Of Doodle #6902’s five traits, his “pink headband” hair color is the rarest with just 2.6 percent having it. Doodle #6902’s “light blue puffer” jacket is also somewhat rare at just over 3 percent. 

However, Doodle #6902 has five total traits and no piercings. Over 70 percent of Doodles have both of these features, which hurts Doodle #6902’s total rarity score. 

Still, considering the mainstream hype Shopify’s purchase gives Doodle #6902, this NFT may increase in value in the upcoming months.