Sniper Spotlight — Gen-X NFTs: The VIP Collection

Credit: Gen-X NFTs

Gen-X NFTs: The VIP Collection is a hand-drawn generative NFT collection from Gen-X NFTs, a Web3 platform that aims to onboard and empower Generation X in Web3. The collection drops Saturday, January 28th, and consists of 789 VIP NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain featuring young goats (aka “kids”) decked out in iconic 80s gear and accessories. The Genesis Collection of 8,675 NFTs is expected to launch a few months afterwards.

We sat down with the team behind the collection as they set out to build a community of loyal fans and Gen-X’ers to discuss what inspired them to work in Web3, the community they’re building, and what makes Gen-X so cool — among other things.

The following is an interview with the founder of Gen-X, Sarah Monson, and COO Jesse Rosenblatt — a duo that brings more than 40 years of combined experience in media, marketing, and entertainment to the table. The interview has been edited for concision and clarity.

First, let’s talk about how you got into Web3 and NFTs. Tell us a little bit about your stories.

Sarah: I’ve worked in TV and film for close to 20 plus years. I started in film casting, then moved on to TV casting, then to writing about TV, and then I moved into advertising and commercials. I’ve written Super Bowl spots. I’ve written hundreds of commercials. I’ve written music videos Grammy-winning hip-hop artists and pop stars.

When I first heard of NFTs, I didn’t understand them. Didn’t know why they were cool. Why monkeys were selling for a hundred thousand dollars. And so rather than just roll my eyes and be annoyed or write it off as a flash in the pan, I was like, well, maybe I should learn about this — this seems interesting. So, I started looking in the space for somebody to teach me, and it didn’t really exist.

Jesse: I’ve been in media, entertainment, business, legal affairs, and consulting for a long time, and about five or more years ago, the smartest finance guy I knew in New York was getting heavy into crypto and I started to pay attention. My interest in crypto evolved into NFTs, and I’ve been into NFTs for about two years. I really think it’s an exciting technology that’s going to have a ripple effect and change a lot of things in the world. And I think where we are today with NFTs is just a blip with respect to where they’re going to go, and how they’re going to evolve.

How did you come up with the idea for Gen-X NFTs?

Sarah: I was on a walk one day thinking, ‘Wow, if we’re all gonna live in the Metaverse, who do I want to hang out with?’ Well, I want to hang out with kids I grew up, 80s kids, Gen-X’ers. We’re the resilient latchkey kids that don’t want to join any clubs but are the coolest people in the room when we do show up, and so that gave birth to the idea of an NFT community and collection for Gen-X.

Tell us more about Generation X (people born between 1965-1980) and its importance to your movement and the collection?

Jesse: You have a generation of 65 million plus people in the U.S. alone and those people built the internet and Web2. They founded more than half the startups in the U.S. Statistically, they have the highest income of any generation, they’re about to inherit the most wealth of any generation, and their culture is still very relevant. It doesn’t make sense philosophically or financially for the Web3 space to be excluding Gen-X and not inviting them to the table.

Sarah: And they’re fanatics and huge collectors. You know, every 80s kid collected things like Cabbage Patch Dolls and Garbage Pail Kids. So, we’re tapping into that nostalgia and the core memories from their childhood. And moving them from physical collectibles to digital collectibles. And once they get into this space, hopefully by purchasing one of our Gen-X NFTs, they’ll be onboarded into Web3 and go off to explore on their own.

Tell us about the Latchkey Kids NFTs.

Sarah: The Latchkey Kids NFTs have keys around their neck that open in-real-life and digital doors. They all come with different traits, hairstyles, clothing, eyewear, expressions, skin tones, and holding different things — iconic things from the 80s. And we’ll also have ultra-rare throwbacks from 80s TV, film, movies, sports, music — that are very recognizable and really, really fun.

You can collect all the keys around each kid’s next neck because at various times during their life cycle we will have different benefits attributed to the color of the keychain. And then we’re also going to have future airdrops of 80s kids core memories like report cards, school lunches, band posters, and more. This lets holders create robust characters and trade accessories to build up the narrative of their NFTs.

What role does education play in the project?

Jesse: What we’ve learned as we tried to speak to more and more new people in the space that are from Generation X, is that Web3 is almost like learning an entire new language, and so it can be very overwhelming. I know lots of people who sat on the sidelines for too long because it seemed daunting and confusing.

We’re endeavoring to make it as easy and relatable as possible for people that are new to the space, especially Generation X. So one of the things we’re doing is creating bite-size videos and classes to educate people about Web3. VIP holders will get unlimited access to the educational platform we’re building.

What’s the goal of the Gen-X VIP Collection that drops next week?

Sarah: We really wanted to have our firm base of our OG community members. People that really get what we’re building here and understand it and want to be with us for the long haul through these three collections plus wherever we go beyond that. And so, we’ve created a very limited 789 collection of VIP goats.

Jesse: The idea behind the VIP collection is to reward our early adopters, the people who really want to be here and build with us. With our VIP collection, you’ll get free mints from follow-up collections that are already in the works, as well as rare future airdrops.

Can you talk more about the utility behind the NFTs?

Jesse: Sure! Along with rad artwork with traits that stir up childhood core memories, a Gen-X VIP gets you free mints for our two coming collections – Summer Break + Class Reunion, along with multiple planned free airdrops. You get VIP access to all community resources (including our ever-expanding educational platform) and 80s themed online/IRL events.

Sarah: Like online retro movie nights + 80s music dance parties, IRL events like pop up video arcade parties, drive-in movie night + goat yoga. 

Jesse: You also have a chance to mint 30 iconic parody NFT throwbacks to epic 80s moments, and also 20 Mystery goats you can swap for your own custom PFP. And that’s not even all of it.

What else should NFT holders expect in the future?

Jesse: We’re creating some really exciting limited collectible merch, because Gen-Xers and 80s kids really love collecting, and really love anything that relates to nostalgia. We both have plans to take the IP of these goats and turn it into some really exciting media and entertainment properties, including some retro-themed Saturday morning cartoons or after school specials which we grew up with. Also, comic books.

To wrap this up, what’s the coolest thing about Gen-X?

Jesse: There are a lot of cool things about the 80s, but for me, it’s the music. It’s in my soul. It’s stuff I grew up with, it’s stuff I still hear today and as soon as I hear that first note, it kicks in. And it’s just stuff that never dies. And I think it’s really a thread that connects us, because you can have somebody who’s 15 who rocks out to a song that we heard when we were 15. And that’s amazing.

Sarah: For sure. And mine are probably the toys. I was a huge collector, and I loved My Little Ponies and Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids, and I love that they’re still around today. People try to kill things from the 80s. They tried to kill Toys ‘R’ Us and everybody was like — “Hell no you can’t take Toys ‘R’ Us.”

Generation X is a resilient generation.

The Gen-X VIP NFT Collection

If you’d like to learn more about the Gen-X VIP Collection, visit the collection’s website. To find rarity traits for The Latchkey Kids NFTs, check the collection page on Rarity Sniper after launch.

*Disclaimer: The Sniper Spotlight is a series where we take a closer look at unique and intriguing non-fungible token collections. Nothing in the article constitutes financial advice, investment tips, or promises of financial gain or loss. As always, remember to do your own research and degen responsibly.