Sniper Spotlight: The Undeads Metaverse

Undeads is an MMORPG zombie survival game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game provides players with a large selection of play-to-earn mechanics and the ability to fight, grind, craft, and trade NFT assets for profit.

The Undeads Metaverse is being billed as the ultimate play-to-earn post-apocalyptic survival game, and the amazing graphics from its trailer and its many partnerships including Warner Bros. and Wabi Sound seem to back up the claim. With a blend of feature-rich game play and a fun-first game design developed by leading industry experts, the Undeads Metaverse is one of the most ambitious Web3 projects we’ve seen in some time.

We caught up with Jan from the Undeads team last week as it dropped its first set of Mystery Boxes to find out if it really is the next big thing in blockchain-based gaming. In this interview, he tells us a little bit about the company’s current projects, its vision for the metaverse, and Undeads’ future plans.

The following interview has been edited for concision and brevity.

Can you tell me about you and your team? What are your goals for the metaverse and working in Web 3?

Currently, the Undeads team consists of about seventy people working across a myriad of sectors to bring the AAA rated game to the blockchain. Teamwork, collaboration, and investments are some of the most important aspects of the project. Jan said community building is critical to a good Web3 project, and this part of the team will “scale-up” over time.

Right not, the team is working to bring high-quality graphics, a great storyline, and support to the community. We’re making a “game that could sell in a game store. A game that gamers want to play.”

Jan added that while there have been many quality projects in Web3, “there have actually not been that many good games.” The reason for that is because “to make a good game, you need a lot of funds to back it and you need quite a big team.” The Undeads Metaverse appears to have both — and they’re willing to invest time and money to make the game great.

What are the different storylines and games offered by the Undead Metaverse?

Undeads Metaverse is a game set in a post-apocalyptic metaverse, where players have to survive in a world ravaged by zombies. The game features an isometric view, action-packed combat, and a resource-oriented conflict between two factions – Zombies and Humans.

The game is designed to offer an engaging and immersive experience to players. Additionally, there is an emphasis on community-driven economy and income-building mechanics.

The Undeads team also believes that gameplay should be captivating, exciting, and obsessive. That’s why their primary focus is on rich gameplay, fine-tuned economy design, and multi-verified security to ensure the highest level of player asset protection. In fact, Undeads Metaverse is so committed to exciting gameplay, that they have partnered with Warner Bros. and Wabi Sabi Sound for sound design. Wabi Sabi Sound, a well-known game audio team, will take the creative lead for audio direction and production of the game. They have worked with major publishers and have created audio for blockbuster titles like Bioshock and Dead Space 2.

There will also be Land plots available. Users can purchase residential, commercial, and industrial NFT buildings that can be traded on the blockchain. All the buildings have unique in-game features to maximize players engagement.

Tell us more about the interoperability of NFTs in the Undead Metaverse.

The ability to bring your NFTs in and out of different metaverse is critical to the metaverse ecosystem. Many games have not done it because they’d rather protect their own income. Because “when you bring something in, you lose a sale yourself.” But the Undeads team believes interoperability is necessary for the space to advance to the next stage.

While Jan acknowledged that adding full interoperability will take time, Undeads already has commitments from CryptoPunks and other blue-chip NFT holders to enter their metaverse. They have been careful, however, with unknown NFT projects because there is still so much fraud in the space.

Beyond the Undead game you also have a VR Social Hub. What is that?

To make the gaming experience even more exciting, Undeads are introducing Undeads VR Hub, a social in-game VR platform that allows players to meet, communicate, interact, and enjoy a full-featured VR experience in the Undeads Metaverse. Undeads VR Hub will launch in 2023. To clarify, the team is already working on the design and technical documentation of the platform.

With Undeads VR Hub, players can stick with their comrades, meet new players, play their favorite games, and earn rewards. The platform offers a range of exciting activities for players to enjoy, including NFT Dogs Racing, VR RC Racing, Fishing, Bowling, Pool, Shooting Gallery, and Leaderboard Rewards.

What does the Undeads Metaverse roadmap look like?

First, we are currently launching a Mystery Box, which offers the chance to get one of five Potions that consists of in-game NFTs. The higher grades represent increasing rarity and a higher value asset. We are also launching staking this quarter. Here are a few other details from the Undeads Metaverse’s roadmap:

  • Q1: Launch of staking program, Potions NFT mint via Mystery Boxes, and UDS (ERC20) token sale.
  • Q2: Dogs NFT mint launch, airdrop of antidotes to Zombies NFT holders, marketplace launch, and listing on all exchanges.
  • Q3: Land plots sale, airdrop and competition, and closed beta subscription for community
  • Q4: NFT sale of driveable vehicles, Undeads Beta launch, mobile apps release, and brand collaborations.

Tell me a little bit about some of the partnerships you have?

For a new Web3 project, the Undeads Metaverse has no shortage of collaborators. Warner Bros., BRIGHTNODE, Whimsy Games, Chainlink, Certik, and Wabi Sabi Sound are just some of the partners listed on the Undeads Metaverse website.

Jan added that they also have some “Punk and Ape” holders involved in the project. Furthermore, one of the seed investors is nowhere.eth — one of the world’s largest private NFT investors. Nowhere.eth owns 33 Apes, 25 mutant apes, and 3 CryptoPunks. His NFT collection exceeds $10M in value.

How do you see the metaverse unfolding and your place in it?

The Undeads team is extremely excited about the future of the metaverse. We believe it can become something big, and that people have the interest for digital worlds to hang out and do different things in. In the future metaverse, Undead wants to be the leader in “zombie-style and other games.”

Jan added that it’s critical to create high-quality games so that the Undeads Metaverse is a place “people actually want to spend their time in.” Tech companies are always fighting for users, but “community is what makes something good or bad.” One of my tasks is to expel bad actors and keep the metaverse safe and secure for people that want to be there.

He added that it’s “a fantastic feeling when you are part of a community, and you can feel they support you. You get more than just USD in return.” That’s the type of metaverse Undeads is seeking to release to the world.

The Undeads Metaverse

If you’d like to learn more about the Undeads Metaverse and how you can get involved in the project, visit Purchasing a Mystery Box NFT, the first step in the Undeads Metaverse, is available currently on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible.

Users can also sign up on the Undeads’ site to be considered for a whitelist spot for Land plot NFTs when they become available. For the most trusted rarity rankings of Undead NFTs, visit the Rarity Sniper collections page.

*Disclaimer: The Sniper Spotlight is a series where we take a closer look at unique and intriguing non-fungible token collections. Nothing in the article constitutes financial advice, investment tips, or promises of financial gain or loss. As always, remember to do your own research and degen responsibly.