Sniper Spotlight: ‘Unemployed Vampires’ to Roam on Ethereum Blockchain

A new non-fungible token collection is set to bring an undead species to the Ethereum blockchain.

‘Unemployed Vampires,’ which will mint from March 12th to the 18th for the price of 0.04 ETH, comes from a group headquartered in the cold, snowy landscape of Finland, at the upper reaches of Europe.

The origin of the collection is simple. The creators wanted to revive NFT collections on Ethereum with a unique concept that is a play on the space: Unemployed degens who sleep by day and come out at night to feast on the volatile digital asset markets.

To do so, it created eye-catching art and a dynamic ecosystem that will feature a JOB token or ELIXIR token that when taken will spur the characters in these NFTs into either different occupations or cure them once and for all.

The collection will have a rarity component determined by the community based on whether each member puts their Vampire in the workforce or cures them with an ELIXIR token, which is certainly unique among the collections we’ve seen here at Rarity Sniper.

Finally, there will be a great deal of profit sharing involved. At every milestone in the mint, there will be a raffle, and a select group of winners will be airdropped between $100 and $500 in ETH. If the collection completely sells out, there will be 150 winners total, making this one of the largest revenue sharing NFT programs in existence.

In addition, there will be interactive storytelling, merch drops, art exhibitions, community events, and much more. For more information, check out the team’s X account here: