Sniper Spotlight with K-Pop Group Ferry Blue

Credit: Kpopping

K-Pop music has had a meteorite rise in recent years. What was once confined mainly to South Korea and neighboring countries like Japan, K-Pop, a genre that mixes elements of Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, and other musical styles has left its home and is quick-becoming a major cultural influence around the world.

One of the key elements that sets K-Pop apart from other musical styles is its focus on choreography. K-Pop groups, which are usually composed of multiple members, are known for tearing up the dance floor with original moves.

Last week, we were lucky to catch up with rising K-Pop group ‘Ferry Blue‘ to talk about the bands latest NFT music release on Gala Music, how they use Artificial Intelligence in their music creation, and what they think Web3 can offer artists.

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Tell us about the name Ferry Blue. Where does it come from?

The name Ferry Blue represents our group’s musical style and image. Ferry
symbolizes travel, adventure, a sense of leisure. While Blue represents the sky
and sea, conveying our desire to “carry music” across the oceans and skies to
our fans.

K-Pop has been taking over the world lately. Why do you think it’s become so popular?

One reason K-Pop has gained popularity worldwide is due to its addictive music,
performances, and its unique approach to blending various musical genres.
Furthermore, the rise in global recognition can be attributed to the use of social
media and online platforms, which increased opportunities for international fans to
engage with the artists.

Who are your groups’ musical influences?

Our group’s musical influences include Taylor Swift, BTS (방탄소년단),
and IU (아이유).

What was it like to drop an NFT project with Gala Music? Did anything surprise you about the NFT drop?

Our NFT project with Gala Music was a fascinating experience. We were both
surprised and moved by the fans’ enthusiastic reactions. Collaborating with the NFT
community was a novel and incredibly rewarding experience. We chose Gala Music
because of its commitment to artist creativity and ownership over their own music.

What did it feel like to have the fastest NFT Music drop in K-Pop history?

Achieving the fastest NFT music drop in K-Pop history was an honor, and we are
grateful for the passionate support from our fans. This rapid progress and success
seems to reflect the strong bond between us and our fans. We’re excited to
continue evolving and showcasing our new directions.

Each of the 100 NFTs you sold grants buyers a lifetime license to the track “Breaking the rules.” What does this mean exactly, and why is it important for your group?

Each of the 100 NFTs we sold offers a lifetime license for the track ‘Breaking the
Rules.’ This means that NFT owners can permanently own the track and receive a
portion of its future earnings. It is a way for us to strengthen our bond with fans and
show our appreciation for their support.

Tell us more about how your group uses artificial intelligence?

Our group has incorporated artificial intelligence in songwriting and composing.
Through this, we aim to create music more efficiently and produce visually
appealing, fresh content. AI can help us generate new and innovative ideas that
we may not have thought of on our own, and create complex and intricate
arrangements that would be difficult or time-consuming to create without it.

How does your group use AI in the songwriting process? What are your thoughts on the concerns and perceptions surrounding AI’s role in music creation?

We use AI in the songwriting process to generate new musical ideas, to come up
with new lyrics, and to experiment with different sounds. We believe that AI can be
a powerful tool for musicians, but we also believe that it is important to use it in a
way that complements human creativity.

We know there are some concerns about AI’s role in music creation, such as the
potential for it to replace human musicians. However, we believe that AI can help
musicians to be more creative and to produce better music. We are excited to see
how AI will continue to be used in the music industry in the future. In this process,
we consider AI to be a supportive role in our creative journey!

Why has your group decided to remain independent? Would you sign with a label if offered a lucrative contract, or is remaining independent and releasing music in Web3 part of the long-term plan?

We’re independent because we prioritize creative control over our music and direct
communication with our fans. However, if we are offered a great deal, we would
certainly consider it. As of now, we are enjoying the freedom that comes along with
using Web3 technology.

What is the general feeling/vibe around Web3 and Music NFTs in South Korea?

In Korea, there’s significant interest and anticipation for Web3 and music NFTs.
Because of this, we believe that artists and musicians are actively seeking to
harness this new technology to enhance their creativity and innovate in the industry.

How do you use Web3 to enhance your creativity? How do you plan to innovate in the industry with Web3? Why are you actively seeking to harness Web3 technology?

There are several ways Web3 technology helps us enhance our creativity. We
believe that by issuing music and art as digital assets through NFTs (Non-
Fungible Tokens), we can expand opportunities to interact with our fans in new
and exciting ways. This brings a fresh atmosphere to the music industry, and we
are using Web3 technology because we are driven by the belief in Web3’s
potential for advancement in the future.

What are some of the problems or hurdles that musicians in South Korea face? Do you think Web3 could solve any of these problems?

One of the challenges faced by Korean musicians is receiving fair compensation
from music streaming platforms. Web3 technology offers a potential solution to this
problem by allowing musicians to bypass streaming platforms and sell their music
directly to fans.

Do you have any Web3 or NFT projects planned for the future?

Yes, we plan to continue leveraging Web3 and NFTs for future projects and
will actively utilize these technologies for closer interactions with our fans.
We also just dropped our English version of “Breaking The Rules” on the Gala
Music platform for our international fans.

Can you tease any future projects? What are your plans exactly for future projects and when can we expect to hear them?

We cannot yet disclose details about our future projects, but we are planning a
project that creatively combines music and art. The exact timeline has not been
confirmed yet, but we are preparing new work that fans can look forward to, and we
will announce it soon!

In what way is Ferry Blue “Breaking the Rules?”

We are breaking the rules by pursuing unique and bold music and imagery, daring to
challenge convention. Deviating from conventional paths, Ferry Blue is carving out
its own identity, standing out as a distinctive and self-reliant artist, free from the
constraints of a label.

What exactly is unique or bold about the music and imagery the group uses? How exactly is the group deviating from conventional paths?

We believe that the most unique and bold and distinctive feature of Ferry Blue is our
free and diverse music with a unique style of our own. We like to challenge the
various styles and sounds, pushing beyond genres and seeking a true representation
of freedom in musical expression that goes beyond the conventional rules of music.
We believe we are pioneering new paths through this.

Where is the group carving out its own identity in South Korea and in the world in Web3?

We aim to create our own identity, not only in South Korea but globally as well. As a
group, we interact with a global audience and strive to form a unique community
through Web3 technology. As Ferry Blue we are building our groups identity through
music and art that evolves and respects diversity.

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