SuperRare Opens Art Exhibition in NYC Featuring NFT Artist

SuperRare, one of the most respected curated NFT marketplaces in the space, is opening a physical pop-up art exhibition at the prestigious 0x.17 gallery in New York City.

Doors open in NYC’s historic South Street Seaport neighborhood on June 1st and will debut “Artifacts,” a solo exhibition from digital and artificial intelligence (AI) artist Claire Silver.

The press release says the gallery will feature seven artworks exploring questions about the future with AI. There will be generative art, video, still images, music, poetry, 3D art, and an avatar with an AI voice.

Silver said that “entire movements” are happening in the crypto art space, with their own “formative artists” who “live in the digital world.” She believes AI will accelerate our transition to digital worlds and communities, and her exhibition explores philosophical questions around that theme.

Founder and CEO of SuperRare, John Crain, added that displaying dynamic digital artwork “in a gallery setting” has been an aim for his team for some time. By having digital artwork in a physical gallery, the artwork becomes more “accessible,” and can “foster in-person connections and conversation.” He believes true art experiences involve storytelling and human interaction.

This isn’t the first IRL art exhibition we’ve seen from SuperRare. Last summer, the NFT marketplace ran a pop-up gallery in the SoHo district of New York, featuring digital artwork from over 200 artists. The pop-up Web3 gallery ran for approximately two months and saw thousands of visitors.

SuperRare Continues to Develop Its Niche in Web3

SuperRare isn’t an NFT marketplace that we write about every week, or even every month. The curated marketplace makes less noise in Web3 than markets like OpenSea and Blur, but that doesn’t mean SuperRare isn’t steadily building its brand. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several articles about SuperRare this year. Here are the top two stories.

First, in September, SuperRare teamed up with Gucci to launch a CryptoArt Couture gallery in SoHo during New York Fashion Week. The exhibition featured 19 artists from around the world, and ran from September 9th to September 14th. It was aimed at exploring the intersection between fashion and the metaverse.

Next, eleven months ago, SuperRare first connected with Gucci to open the Vault Art Space, an online gallery featuring contemporary artists working with NFTs and digital art. The marketplace launched with an exhibition titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci,” featuring work from 29 artists including eBoy, Alien Queen, Vexx, and more.

As the NFT space continues to evolve, it’s becoming clear that not every NFT marketplace needs to contend for the top sales leaderboard. Brands like SuperRare are showing they can develop unique niches, like curated digital art, physical pop-ups, and growing relationships with artists, major brands, and New York City.

We’ll be following up on any more news about SuperRare’s pop-up art gallery this summer.

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