The Voice Debuts Fashion Line in HiberWorld Metaverse

Credit: ITV Studios

Today, The Voice debuted a new virtual clothing line and metaverse activation — this time in HiberWorld, a metaverse that contains over 5 million worlds.

The line, called Hype Gear, features five outfits that users can mix and match inside the activation: a red-patterned hoodie, black hoodie, red t-shirt, black t-shirt, and a red puffer jacket. All items are available for $4.99 or less.

HiberWorld is a social gaming platform that allows users to create virtual worlds without needing any coding experience. The activation from The Voice involves users collecting 18 microphones suspended in mid-air before reaching “the goal.” Users can also sit in make-shift judges’ chairs and press the infamous red buzzer.

According to a press release shared with Rarity Sniper, The Voice fashion line comes through Ready Player Me, a custom avatar platform that allows users to take their avatar across thousands of games This interoperability is important for creators of virtual merchandise, as it allows customers to take their items across different worlds and games. Ready Player Me is an official partner of HiberWorld, along with many other metaverses.

The two companies behind the fashion line and activation from The Voice side are ITV Studios, a distributor of popular shows, and Virtual Brand Group (VBG), an LA-based company that has partnered with Forever 21, Mattel, and others to bring their brands into the metaverse.

The merchandise is available for a limited time.

Avatar Retail ‘Transforming’ Fashion: VBG CEO

For many people, fashion is a big part of their lives and amounts to a great deal of self-expression. Now, especially among younger generations, IRL fashion is taking a backseat to virtual fashion. And that virtual fashion generally comes in the form of avatar retail.

“Avatar retail is transforming fashion, self-expression, and consumer behavior,” Justin W. Hochberg, CEO of the Virtual Brand Group, said in a statement. “Last year it sold over $14 [billion] and is projected to grow by almost another 50% by the end of this decade.”

Virtual Brand Group is no stranger to virtual fashion, having ushered Forever 21 into Roblox, another metaverse, and partnered with other companies to bring a premium “skin” catalogue to Ready Player Me.

Its logic behind entering HiberWorld is simple:

“Our collaboration with Ready Player Me and HiberWorld opens up The Voice fashion line to another 50M potential consumers,” Hochberg said. “That’s 3x more consumers than fans who attended every combined NFL game this season; no offense Taylor Swift.”

Ready Player Me CEO and Co-Founder, Timmu Tõke, added, “HiberWorld stands out among apps integrating Ready Player Me as the go-to platform for brands looking to create unique virtual experiences for their customers. Fans of The Voice will now have a chance to interact with the brand in a completely new way while their avatars wear the Hype Gear collection pieces.”

Will the latest fashion line from the show succeed? Time will tell, but there’s no doubt The Voice continues to be bullish about Web3.

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