TinyTap to Auction 2nd Set of Publisher NFTs

Credit: TinyTap

On December 15th, Animoca Brands’ subsidiary TinyTap will auction of its second set of Publisher NFTs. The auctions will occur on OpenSea starting at 7 pm EST and run for 48 hours. There will be six Publisher NFTs up for auction, including two educational series about colors, one about the five human senses, and another about measuring sizes.

Publisher NFTs are complete educational courses aimed at students enrolled between Pre-K and 6th grade. They come from popular teachers who have used TinyTap’s educational gaming platform in the past. Most of the six Publisher NFTs up for grabs this time around have generated significant revenue on the platform, with one having produced nearly $15,000.

TinyTap made news for the sale of its first set of Publisher NFTs back in November. All told, the first set went for a total of 139 ETH or $220,000 at the time of sale. Under the terms of the TinyTap agreement, 50% of the proceeds (or $111,000) went to the teachers who created the courses. One teacher made more than 13 times the average monthly salary for an elementary teacher in her region.

Holders of TinyTap Publisher NFTs receive the ability to license the courses and have the responsibility of promoting them. The holders can use TinyTap or any other platform to host the course, and when doing so, will receive up to 80% of the revenue that the courses generate. It’s an arrangement that TinyTap hopes will spur innovation in the education sector.

Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap, said in a statement that the Publisher NFTs bolster the company’s mission to involve communities in the creation of meaningful educational materials. They added that the company is thrilled “to welcome the Web3 community” to its creator economy.

Companies Merge Education and Web3

Although the education industry and Web3 may seem like a strange fit, some companies are taking the plunge. At Rarity Sniper, we have written many stories this year about the intersection between education and the next iteration of the internet. Here are three.

First, in November of 2022, Morehouse College partnered with a virtual reality company to launch a Black history course in the metaverse. The course, titled “History of the African Diaspora Since 1800,” is part of a broader initiative called the Virtual Reality Project. That project aims to use VR technology to teach Black history.

Next, also in November, the Tourism Authority of Thailand launched a new travel-to-earn NFT experience. The experience involved education as well, with a component encouraging tourists to learn about top travel destinations in Thailand. While collecting the NFTs, tourists can unlock special benefits, like lodging offers.

Lastly, six months ago, ViewSonic sought to bring the education sector into the metaverse. To do so, it debuted its “UNIVERSE,” which is a full-scale educational platform that teaches children courses in the metaverse. There are three different settings in the metaverse, and students can communicate in verbal and non-verbal ways.

TinyTap’s new set of Publisher NFTs promises more innovation in the Web3 space. And it shows that companies can unite far-off sectors like education and Web3. We’ll be paying close attention to see how the auctions go.