Token-Gated Tour NFTs by Snoop Dogg, a First in the Industry

Credit: Snooppassport

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is at it again in Web3. His latest partnership with blockchain platform Transient Labs has birthed an NFT collection that gives holders access to exclusive content from his upcoming summer tour.

The “Snoop Dogg Passport Series” is a non-fungible token collection that grants token-gated access to a myriad of content, most notably behind-the-scenes photos and videos that will be uploaded by Snoop and his team during “The High School Reunion Tour,” which begins July 7th with Wiz Khalifa.

Because the exclusive video and photos will display directly on the non-fungible token, presumably updating after each show, the NFTs are being billed as “the first ever evolving tour” collectible. According to the rapper’s website, the NFT is like a “tour poster that evolves with each place Snoop stops on tour.”

Snoop believes that giving his fans the chance to travel the world with him, albeit digitally, is a novel concept. He added that digital “merch” is critical for the future and hopes that other artist will watch what his doing and “innovate on their own.”

Holders of Passport NFTs will also get access to future merchandise, experiences, tickets, playlists, events, and artwork — as well as an airdrop of Snoop Selects NFTs, a curated collection of work from some of Snoop’s favorite NFT artists, including Terrell Jones, Coldie, and Alien Queen.

The Snoop Dogg Passport NFT is priced at around $45, or 0.025 ETH. It is available on Snoop’s website and can be purchased with a credit card or crypto.

Token-Gating Becoming Popular in Web3

When “The Doggfather” burst onto the hip-hop scene in the early 90’s with his smooth flow and cool demeanor, the world understood it was witnessing something new. Now Snoop Dogg has become a major innovator in Web3, and this project could be one of his most interesting.

For example, imagine having behind-the-scenes-access to Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock or a Beatles concert in London. Those are experiences quite a lot of people would enjoy. And while we can’t bring back the past, NFTs and blockchain technology are changing what’s possible for the present and future.

Now artists and brands can link nearly any product, perk, digital or physical experience, event, etc. to an NFT — and ownership and authenticity of the digital asset are verified on the blockchain. The process of using a token to grant access to something, such as Snoop’s behind-the-scenes footage or say, the Super Bowl, is called token-gating, and it’s becoming more and more popular in Web3.

Just look at some of our most recent articles about projects that involve token-gating:

NFTs are changing the way artists and brands connect to fans. Whether or not you like Snoop, it’s difficult to deny that giving fans a sneak peak of his summer tour at an affordable price is cool, and some fans will likely be ecstatic.

We’ll be checking in from time to time this summer to see how the tour is going. If the Snoop Dogg Passport Series NFT collection is a success, other musicians and performers will likely follow suit.