Tommy Hilfiger is Participating in Decentraland’s Fashion Week

Credit: Pexels

On Monday, the American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger announced it would be joining the inaugural Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week (MFW) from March 24th to 27th.

Hilfiger will be showcasing its Spring 2022 collections and providing consumers with a “digital retail platform” that contains Tommy Hilfiger-crafted non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Decentraland is a popular 3D decentralized metaverse that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of 90,601 parcels of digital land that can be traded, bought, sold, and monetized to earn the metaverse’s native cryptocurrency MANA.

The first Metaverse Fashion Week (MFW) in Decentraland was announced in February and will be done in collaboration with the luxury marketplace UNXD. Besides Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Jacob & Co, Selfridges, Hugo, Franck Muller, Garrett Leight, Cavalli, and The Fabricant are participating.

Hilfiger’s digital store will be in Boson Portal, a marketplace within Decentraland. Customers will be able to teleport their avatar into the virtual store and shop for virtual goods.

Signature Hilfiger styles will be rendered in 3D and items and can be purchased as NFTs. Owners also have the option of redeeming the NFTs for the actual physical products delivered to their homes.

To attend MFW, you can log in to Decentraland as a guest, but to purchase NFTs you must create an account.

Is virtual fashion really a thing?

The short answer is yes. As metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox continue to thrive and major tech companies such as Meta invest billions in metaverse-related technologies, a myriad of fashion brands has set up virtual shops to sell digital assets in the metaverse.

Some of the most notable headlines recently from fashion brands with a presence in the metaverse include:

  • Sketchers opens metaverse store in Decentraland
  • Denim Brand Diesel drops NFT collection
  • Dolce & Gabbana launches NFT collection on Polygon
  • Victoria Secret files metaverse and NFT-related trademarks
  • Prada and Adidas launch NFT collection on Polygon
  • Gucci releases NFT collection
  • StockX introduces Vault NFTs tied to physical products

People are spending more time as their avatar-selves in the metaverse, so it’s only natural that digital clothing and fashion would become a thing. Although this is the first Metaverse Fashion Week for Decentraland, as digital landscapes continue to create new possibilities for creators and designers, we suspect there will be many more to come.