Yuga Labs, Gucci to Sell Otherside Metaverse Jewelry

Credit: Yuga Labs

On Monday, Italian fashion house Gucci announced its first collaboration with top NFT company Yuga Labs as part of its “Otherside: Relics” series — a drop of 3,333 KodaPendants that come with both a digital and physical component.

Here are all the details about the drop:

  • The minting period will start on April 6th at 6 pm ET and run for 24 hours
  • Each KodaPendant will cost 450 Apecoin or $1,904 at this time of writing
  • There will be a limit of one KodaPendant per Koda or Vessel

In addition, the drop will only support MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Wallet Connect. Minters can use Warm.xyx for token delegation.

There are three main digital benefits to buying a KodaPendant: The Koda or Vessel can rock the jewelry in the Otherside metaverse, and users will be able to access a branded chat handle and trail VFX. Buyers will also be eligible for the physical KodaPendant claim, which Yuga Labs states will occur later in 2023.

As read on the Otherside metaverse website, the physical KodaPendant necklace combines “fashion, entertainment, and Web3.” It will be made of 925 sterling silver, have an interlocking G chain, and be in the shape of a Koda. Each necklace will come with a unique edition number imprinted on the back.

Notably, only minters who live in certain countries will be eligible to receive a physical KodaPendant. Those countries include the United States, Canada, Japan, most European countries, and a handful of countries in the Middle East. Minters living in Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, and most of Asia will be out of luck.

Yuga Labs Has Been Busy in 2023

After a quiet 2022 that saw minimal announcements after the Otherside metaverse NFT drop, Yuga Labs has returned to form in 2023 with a variety of moves that have captured the attention of the NFT space. Here are three of our best stories involving it, all in the past month.

First, a week ago, Yuga Labs introduced its “Legends of the Mara” 2D collection-based strategy game for the Otherside metaverse. Through the game, the company is expanding the lore of its metaverse, as well as setting the stage for more NFTs: the mysterious Vessels that can evolve over time.

Next, three weeks ago, Yuga Labs held “The Summoning,” an event that allowed users to burn their Sewer Pass NFTs for one of eight types of “Power Sources” and a new NFT called “HV-MTL.” The new NFT collection contains “mechs,” which are machines that typically humans pilot.

Lastly, a month ago, Yuga Labs dropped its first collection on the Bitcoin blockchain. Called “Twelvefold,” the collection was a departure from previous sets the company had launched. Instead of being a PFP collection or metaverse land, Twelvefold was generative art that explored the concept of time.

Yuga Labs has been busy in 2023 and, as today’s story shows, will likely continue to be throughout the year. As the company continues to make news in the NFT space, we’ll be here to cover the stories and report back.