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Staking has started, true number of unique wallets is ~2500

Shadow Quest is a 3-in-1 NFT project: Next-gen P2E game + Lore + Art

Discord https://discord.gg/shadowquest

① Next-gen P2E game:

✅Enter the ancient lands of Ashtaar and battle your warriors in different locations to earn $HONR coin. In this epic war, battles occur every hour and the amount of $HONR you earn depends on your warrior’s stats – so you’ll have to be strategic!

✅There are 9,996 hand-drawn warriors, of which 999 are from the Dark Samsar nation who have mysterious powers that enable them to challenge warriors to unique fights and steal $HONR.

✅All of this is built from scratch on an optimized ERC-721:SHADOW contract where gas is 1/3 of normal, with innovative off-chain links to reduce gas further for more enjoyable tactical gaming.

② Lore: Deep lore is intricately woven into the game and art, with over 50% has been submitted by the community.

③ Art: See below!

Shadow Quest
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