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Unlock discounts in the Shibnobi Store, win a limited-edition action figurine, gain access to exclusive merchandise ranges, receive discounts and additional benefits within the ‘Shibnobi Verse’, earn rewards through staking, and much more!

Shibnobi Inc. introduces a wild and exciting NFT line based on the classic Shibnobi Shinja. These NFTs will include ultra-rare combinations, such as the chameleon, crystal and Chrysiridia-skinned warriors, wielding shuriken, katanas and war fans. With 10,000 different variations, no two Shinjas will be the same!

Minting price will start at 0.05 ETH and increase by 0.015 for every 2,500 mints.

1 in 50 will win a limited edition Figurine with certificate of authenticity for free

Future discounts in the Shibnobi Verse

Owners of NFTs will be able to stake them on Shibnobi Stake platform

For every 3 NFTs minted you get 1 for free.

Every 200 mints someone randomly wins 1000 USDC.

NFT Trait List
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7 trait categories

(124 traits)