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Learn more about Spritely Genesis NFT

6,000 cute and colorful pixel Sprites, with twelve unique types, hailing from six distinct realms.

Join the Spritely Team as we support future generations of NFT artists and innovators. The Spritely Team has pledged to donate a combined 18E to Girls Who Code and Americans for the Arts.

Sprites are generated from hundreds of unique mystical traits—from bodies and clothes, to powerful objects, spells, colorful hats, and more! Some Sprites hold secret powers and riddles to be solved. Follow the clues to claim untold treasures.

Compete with fellow Sprites in the Spritely Arcade, featuring three web games coming Q1 2022. Games within the arcade reward SHINE tokens. There is no staking involved & simply holding a Sprite does not guarantee SHINE accumulation. SHINE cannot be purchased, or used outside of the Spritely ecosystem. Sprites from each realm feature unique utility.

Website: https://spritelynft.com Discord: https://discord.gg/spritelynft Twitter: https://twitter.com/spritelynft

Spritely Genesis
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