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The Tasty Bones NFT Collection

The Tasty bones NFT Collection is collection of 4,999 digital collectibles (5000 item project) in the form of artistic skeletons boasting a diverse range of bright colors. It was created using Ethereum blockchain technology, the most popular blockchain in the NFT space.

All the digital collectibles are available on Open Sea for public sale or purchase. The general theme of the collection is that the digital skeletons will fetch food offerings from the land of the living creatures into the land of the dead for their respective souls.

Tasty Bones: A Brief Overview of the History

Know the Founding Team

Launched in February 2022, the Tasty Bones NFT collection is not the idea of a single person, but rather the cumulative effort of a hardworking and dynamic team. Eyah is the lead artist and project manager of Tasty Bones. With years of experience in software engineering, Eyah plays a pivotal role in designing and creating skeletons, which are the digital collectibles of Tasty Bones.

Evak is the community manager and oversees the operations of the community. Moreover, the community manager also works on further developing the digital metaverse community.

Last but not least, the development team is the backbone of the creation of Tasty Bones. Royals Labs are the proud developers behind the creation of the color filled metaverse of Tasty Bones. The color schemes are the major catch, and their attention to detail is mesmerizing.

The artwork created by the team is outstanding and has garnered immense praise from the users. Even before the NFT project launched, the Twitter account had more than 200,000 followers.

Decoding The Storyline of Tasty Bones

By looking at the name of this cool project, one might think its storyline would have a touch of creepiness and horror. However, that’s not the case.

The storyline begins after the minting process is completed in February 2022. There are three categories of skeletons in this NFT project:

  • Funny Bones: The Funny Bones (The Entertainers) are from the common rarity tier.
  • Meaty Bones: Meaty Bones, also known as "The Fighters," belong to the uncommon rarity tier.
  • Speedy Bones: The Speedy Bones (The Runners) are of a rare category.

Each category of the skeleton has rarities. These three tiers of skeletons will have to face the two special tiers: Hungry Ghosts and Demons (evil spirits). The Hungry Ghosts, also known as "The Departed," have an epic rarity index. On the contrary, the Demons (The Forgotten) are placed in the legendary category of the rarity tiers.

Then, 69 days after the launch, the three tiers of Tasty Bones rise from their graves and undergo training at their respective agencies for two to three weeks. After completing the training period, the Tasty Bones will head out to the land of the living to fetch food offerings.

After fetching the food offerings, the Tasty Bones will have to make their way back to the land of the dead to give those food offerings to their respective souls. While on their way, they will have to encounter 45 Hungry Ghosts and 5 Demons who will try to snatch the food offerings from the Tasty Bones for their souls.

The Demons have special powers and consist of different shapes and sizes. In this way, the storyline will propagate with every encounter between the Tasty Bones and the Hungry Ghosts and Demons. Also, every skeleton from the 4,999 Tasty Bones has 240 unique traits, making them poles apart.

The Impact of Tasty Bones on The Market

Here some statistics regarding the Tasty Bones NFT Collection’s performance on the NFT market:

  • All 4,999 Tasty Bones NFTs were sold over two days. The first day was designated as a presale day and the second day was for the raffle. The presale took place on February 13th, and the raffle happened the next day. Both sales recorded big investments from the users.
  • The total volume traded in just one and a half months after the launch was recorded as 10.8K ETH per statistics on OpenSea, which shows the popularity of this NFT project.
  • With a high trend in both primary and secondary market sales, the current floor price of the Tasty Bones NFT project has increased to 0.328 ETH.

Although it is still not a blue chip NFT collection, the Tasty Bones community continues to thrive, as evidenced by its strong sales volume.

Private Discord Community of Tasty Bones

Holders of Tasty Bones NFTs receive access to the vibrant community Discord channel. Dedicated community members are able to take part in fun community events and cross community giveaways.

Tasty Bones holders also have the discretion of creating and distributing derivatives per their requirements. Moreover, the community of people on the Tasty Bones discord contribute ideas to the project, creating a natural community and leading to improvements of this NFT project.

In the discord strategy, the community members can share an interactive experience to accomplish goals of mutual interests. In addition, they can also trade the derivative projects of the digital collectibles of the Tasty Bones.

Foreseeing The Future of Tasty Bones

Continuous organic community development and a well-organized storyline are the key factors for a successful NFT project, and the developers of the Tasty Bones have taken both factors into consideration for future plans.

More skeletons will emerge from the graves in the coming days to initiate the wolf game and enroll in agencies for training. They will start their journeys as the delivery service for the dead. Furthermore, the extremely high trading volume of 10.8K ETH in only one and a half months is a telltale sign that this NFT project could go sky high.

Hence, the future of the Tasty Bones is exciting and promising, and there is much more to come in the time that follows, as the cost of each digital collectible increases at a steady rate.

Tasty Bones: Final Verdict

Only two months after the launch, the Tasty Bones NFT (Non-fungible Token) project has impacted the marketplace with a trading volume of 10.8K ETH. Furthermore, a single digital collectible value has changed from 0.069 ETH to 0.328 ETH due to the bonding curve affordable price mechanism.

This NFT project has a great shot at making an impact in the NFT space in the months and years to come. The future is promising for the Tasty Bones as they make their way out of the graves to start the delivery service for the dead.


Tasty Bones


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